Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holiday Home Decorating

There is nothing more flattering to this shopkeeper than to have a customer ask for advice or guidance in their decorating efforts. You like me . . . you really, really like me! Alrighty then, enough of that.

I've recently been showered with such flattery. My friend and customer, Judy, has asked me to help prepare her home for the Ft. Campbell OSC Holiday Tour of Homes in December. Wow!

Judy, her husband, Lee, and their daughter, Olivia, live in one of the newer homes on Ft. Campbell. It is a very nice home--without the usual "well, for Army housing" qualifiers. It's lovely. The layout is conducive to the entertaining lifestyle of most Battalion Command families and appears to take into account that these families actually accumulate stuff during their years in service!

Judy and Lee have a wonderful collection of furnishings gathered during their travels with the Army. It will be a pleasure to assist in enhancing this lovely setting with the beauty of the Holiday season!

With Judy's permission, I'll share some before and after pictures during our preparations. Put a circle on Dec 14th--you'll want to attend this event!

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