Friday, November 2, 2007

Surrounded by Talent

There are days when I feel so fortunate to be located in a city with so many talented people. I often tell people that my talents (with the shop) rest solely in the ability to surround myself with talented people.

Each month, when Hodgepodge hosts an new artist beginning with the Art Walk and Wine, I'm reminded how much talent we have in Clarksville. Not only do I learn about my feature artist, but I also learn from those of you whom visit with us--that night and throughout the month. You've found ways to express yourselves and to share it with others. I really admire artists--the risk they take putting their hearts on display for critiquing by the masses is extremely brave.

This month, I reached outside of Clarksville for an artists--actually, she reached toward me. A customer from Nashville, Joan, mentioned Hodgepodge to her artist/friend, Maggie Troutman. They traveled to Clarksville to visit my shop and me! (What?!? Yes folks, people from Nashville shop in Clarksville! Hmmm.) Lucky for me, Maggie had one of her Silver Plated Spoon shadow boxes in her car--it was on its way to a collector's home. I mentioned our Art Walk and Wine and Maggie agreed to be my featured artist for November.

Her work is now on display at Hodgepodge and I hope you'll make time to stop in to see it. These pictures will only give you a taste. You really need to view these amazing creations in person! The detail in the shell work around the mirror is absolutely incredible. The topiary is formed completely of shells--they are not attached to another form! I love the natural look and texture of the shell work.

Maggie specializes in 17th - 19th Century prints, which she sells; she will also make a custom frame to perfectly compliment the prints. Custom work for your own prints or mirrors is also available.

My favorites, however, remain the Silver Plated Spoon shadow boxes. Unlike the silver plated flatware you'll find on tables throughout Hodgepodge, Maggie shines her spoons to a perfect glimmer. The reflective qualities of this art work will add a wonderful dimension to your wall.

The Downtown Clarksville Association and Pal's Package Store sponsors the monthly Art Walk and Wine. Various artist display their work in the retail locations downtown. The Downtown Artist Co-op is an association of local artists--they host an "art talk" with their currently featured artist the evening of the Art Walk. If you are an artist or you can recommend an artist to participate in our monthly Art Walk and Wine I encourage you to contact me via email. Please type Art Walk Artist in the subject line and attach photos of your work.

Thanks for your indulgence!


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