Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shop Clarksville

Well, the news this week is rather bleak--gas prices are on the rise again. Not only do we have to fill our tanks to get to work, get the kids to their activities, to do our grocery shopping--we also need to fill them for the extras. Extras like dining out, shopping for clothes and home goods, entertainment, and more. With the Christmas season arriving even as I type, what are Clarksville consumers going to do?

Statistically, a great many of you will head to Nashville. You "think Nashville" for those extras. You head to the malls, the specialty shops, theatres, restaurants and even grocery stores! (Frankly, the last one blows my mind, but you do it.) The fact is that every time you spend $100 in Nashville, you give that city $2.25 to use for their infrastructure, schools system, and other municipal expenses. $2.25 doesn't sound like much, but we all know how little numbers quickly add up to big ones. Do you think Clarksville could use that $2.25? Do you think we could use better roads, sidewalks, schools, sewer lines?

Now, as a local business owner, this all probably appears to be self-serving and to that I respond, "You're darn straight!" I want you to shop at Hodgepodge, but I also want you to shop at The Meandering Stitch, Rogate's Boutique, Yesterday's Antiques, Betty's Antiques, Traditions, Posh and Joy's Jewelers; eat at Lovin' Spoonful, Blondie's, Benne's, The Front Page Deli and The Blackhorse; go see several shows at The Roxy; relax and rejuvenate at Oasis Spa.

Okay enough for the gratuitous downtown plug, but you were expecting it.

I do encourage you to shop downtown, but if you can't find what you need downtown, feel free to shop elsewhere in Clarksville! We've got many local shops for your needs--furniture, clothing, toys and electronics. I know many of you are loyal to your local merchants--you are appreciated! I encourage you to tell your friends and others about your favorite places to shop in Clarksville. Word of mouth is the best advertising a business can have. Endorsement from a satisfied consumer is better than a month of ads in any publications! Especially during times of low consumer confidence, the little guys will suffer. If you like a locally owned shop and want it to be there next year--let others know about it.

I'll even go so far as to encourage you to shop at "the big guys," as long as they're local. Leave your tax dollars here in Clarksville!

If you have to go to Nashville, at least buy your gas here.

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