Thursday, February 28, 2013


I wrote this last weekend . . .

On the road again!  This time, we’re on our way to Atlanta to visit my cousin, Stacy.  Originally, this was to be another gymnastics weekend, but the meet was cancelled.  As my cousin had rearranged some other plans to accommodate us for the weekend, it would have been rude to cancel on her—of course, we had no qualms about cancelling Hannah, though—she stayed home with big sister.

Aren’t cousins great?

There is a post going around on Facebook about cousins being your first friends and knowing all about your family and this couldn’t be more true!cousins quote

Mom is very good friends with her cousin, Sharon.  They spent some time together after Dad funeral service and you could just see how much they had missed each other.  They don’s see each other very frequently, but they’re still very good friends.

Growing-up I was very close with my cousin, Robin.  My mom and Aunt Billie would drive us back and forth all summer, we’d spend days/weeks together.  Back then, Stacy didn’t have much time for me; she’s a little older than me.  Robin is a little younger—between me and my sister, Nikki—in age. stacy and robin

Stacy and Robin

Anyhoo, like most things, age changes relations.  A few years seemed insurmountable in our youth, but now I think of us as all being “about the same age.”

When we moved to Richmond Hill, Georgia, Stace and her family moved to Atlanta—we were able to see them a couple times each year and we kept in touch much more regularly.  (Heck, I would hope for hurricane warnings so I had an excuse to make an unscheduled trip to Atlanta under the guise of “evacuation.”)

Since opening my business, I’ve been able to include a visit with her on all of my trips to the market—tightening our bonds with each trip.


I am able to see my other cousins less frequently, but am always grateful that when we do get together, we barely skip a beat.

Do you share similar relations?  Share this is you have the best cousins in the world . . .

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