Friday, February 8, 2013

Somerset Studio—The Art of Paper and Mixed Media

People are often commenting that they think it would be so much fun to have a shop like mine—especially when it comes to buying the inventory. 
They’re right.
But one of the more difficult decisions we have to make is when to let stuff go.  Sometimes, more often than I care to really consider, I buy stuff that just doesn’t resonate with others they way it did with me.  That is when I have to decide to put it on sale and/or stop re-ordering. 
I thought, in a moment of  “I need to cut-back in a few areas,” that I would look a the sales of my Stampington publications—some, honestly, move slower than others.  So I did what any responsible retailer would do—I looked at what was left on the shelf.
I only took a quick glance at the shelf and my decision was made, I would have to cut Somerset Studio.  I have to admit . . . it’s been months since I’ve even taken one home to peruse.  In fact, the real reason I carry this one is because my sister, Kendall asked me to stock it.
Wait a minute . . . you mean the sister, Kendall, that actually finds inspiration and the desire to create art—trying new techniques and exploring new media—that sister, Kendall???
Oh, alright, I’ll take the last issue home and . . .
studio front
. . . seriously?  Who thought it was a good idea to discontinue this fabulous magazine?   well, scratch that idea—we’re keeping it!
winter stuff 024
winter stuff 025
I flipped kind-of-right of-center and I was hooked!   The page I flipped to was part of the inspired by faith feature by Mary Beth Shaw.  It was a story about an artist who starts with paint by numbers kits and then proceeds to alter them in her own manner.

 winter stuff 026winter stuff 027
Then I was drawn to the Mèlange pages in the center; all I can think is “how do they just give this a away?”  They are free for the consumer to use in their own mixed media projects.  You can copy and manipulate it or just use it as you find it.

winter stuff 029
winter stuff 030
The Expressions pages were very inspiring.   There were a few to which I personally connected, but the others, I just enjoyed exploring the creativity of fellow readers.
winter stuff 031
In each issue, they provide information about how you can be included in future publications.  Their upcoming themes for reader submissions include Storybook Magic, Haunted and a Celebration of Winter.  Pick-up a current issue for more details.  Don’t forget to peruse Creative Corner while you’re here—Kimberly keeps it stocked with all of you mixed-media needs.
What will you create?
Thanks for your indulgence,
PS—stay tuned to Artful Origins for our creative workshops—in fact, I will be offering one inspired by one of the articles I just read!

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