Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pom Pom

A few months ago I quietly introduced the Pom Pom line of linens to Hodgepodge. 

The Belgian owners of this unique collection take pride in offering their beautiful line of 100% linen bedding for adults and babies.  They use embroidery, crushed velvet and hand-crocheted lace to embellish these certified organic linens.  They are made from  the purest of Belgian flax fibers.

I love this stuff!

It’s not just the bedding . . . I fell in love with their accessories, too.

audrey ruffle bag

small tote—white—100% cotton

The linens for the home speak of an easy, casual elegance . . .


Your Pom Pom table top will transport you to the European countryside.  “Bon Appetit”


It’s where I want to be.


the Charlie Collection has a 4” ruffle that surrounds the duvet and shams.

Draw these curtains at the end of a hard day and forget that you’re part of this century . . .


Well, the big news here is that I’ve decided to expand the line at Hodgepodge.

Here’s where I’ll be starting . . .


Mathilde—2 1/2”  frayed edge with a 1/4” velvet ribbon

So—what do you think?

I’m pretty excited.

Thanks for your indulgence.


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