Saturday, February 23, 2013

Creating a Creativity Journal

I am feeling compelled to start a creativity journal.  I envision a few different types of journals, but I am stuck even before I begin.

I have been keeping a mini-journal of sorts in my scheduling calendar.  I’ve been writing notes about where we’ve been, what we did, who we saw, but (other than the initial creation of my journal-style calendar) it’s not very creative.  I think I’ll step-up the game and start including more art and mixed-media components, but I also feel like I want to do more.


Perhaps it is because I’ve been spending more time with my Stampington & Company magazines.  Perhaps it is because I am face-to-face with the creative inspiration of Kimberly’s art e-v-e-r-y day; plus, her inventory of ephemera, paints and gesso tempting me e-v-e-r-y day.  (I don’t even know why I want gesso or what I’d do with it if I had some, but want it, I do!)  Perhaps it’s because I’ve stepped-up my creativity game and I feel overwhelmed by all of my ideas and need to make a record of them. 

art journaling

The other day I talked with a friend about the possibility of leading an art journaling class—more like an ongoing workshop—as a spirituality exercise.  (Is “exercise” the right word?)  But who am I to lead a spirituality “work-out workshop” when I can’t even get started on my own?  And why do I feel a spirituality journal sounds so contrived?

{And, here’s the real rub (as if I haven’t brought-up enough issues)—I am not an artist.  I know, I know—I’m not suppose to worry about that—I’m just suppose to create.  But I really, really want it to be cool and pretty-ish.  I want to look at it and be proud . . . I’m sounding really self-absorbed . . . I’ll be quiet now.}

So, here is my question for you . . . do you do this type of journaling?  If so, how did you get started?  Which media do you utilize—paint, markers, gesso?   Do you also write in your art journal?

I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for your indulgence.


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