Tuesday, March 5, 2013

army family

Recently, my husband and I were able to make a brief visit to see our dear friends of more than 20 years.  

We met Ruta and George at Ft Hood TX, where we briefly lived prior to our first duty assignment in Germany.  As it happened, George was the company commander for A Co., 2/1 AVN  without a doubt our best loved and remembered unit.

Ruta and I became fast friends. 

Over the years, our friendship has grown as we have both endured  the often trying, but always rewarding life of military spouses.  Our circle has grown to include many other friends, but truly, it is this couple we all have in common. 

Our weekend together was wonderfully punctuated with a surprise visit of one of these friends, Brooke, and further enlarged by another, Tim.

ruta brooke and paige

Nothing says “good friends” like matching hats and a frosty bottle of Jägermeister (for medicinal purposes only).

In recent years, we have not been stationed with or even near most of these friends, but I am pleased to say we have always made efforts to get-together.  Usually, it’s just a small gathering—and those unable to be part of our gatherings, can almost always count on a late-night phone call from the revelers.  (No apologies—its just how we roll.)

Now we are getting older and, among other things, with age comes a little freedom.  The kids are moving out, at college or at least old enough to be left with friends or older siblings while we are out cavorting.

I feel so fortunate for all of the  blessings in my life—I’ve been given much more than I deserve—but today, I am especially grateful for my Army family.  You know who you are and I love you!

Thanks for your indulgence,


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