Tuesday, May 6, 2008

bed covers

Now that you've got the bed--how will you dress it? Well, if I may make a few suggestions . . .

First, I encourage you to think "outside of the bag"--bed-in-a-bag, that is. You do not have to purchase your bedding all at once, all in one place and definitely, not all in one bag! At Hodgepodge, for instance, you'll find beds made-up with linens from three - five different suppliers.

When deciding on your bedding you first, before falling in love with that "dry clean only" silk comforter, should honestly appraise your bed activities and use. No--I'm not interested in THAT--I'm talking about things like: Do you have pets who enjoy your comfy bed? Do you prefer layers or one suitable cover? One flat pillow or three fluffy pillows? These are the sort of things which should be addressed when deciding how to dress your bed.

Taking these matters into consideration, you then have to consider your decorating scheme. My first bit of advice--for those of you who have a husband--is to leave him out of it. If you've got one of those hip, metro-sexual husbands who has out-of-the-ordinary good taste and style, we may allow an exception. For the most part they don't care, but will give an opinion if asked for one--so as to give the appearance of caring. My theory is that--out of all the rooms in the house--husbands care the least about the bedroom room decor. They just care that you're occasionally in there together and it's comfortable. I wouldn't choose this room for the six-inch, lace trimmed flat sheets--put those in the guest room to ensure short stays.

Do splurge on a high quality, high thread count sheet set. The items in contact with your skin--pillowcases and sheets should be the best quality you can afford. A good set will last years and is worth the initial investment. When you get those sheets--do you know how to put them on your bed? Do you make the hospital corners? Do you place your top sheet pattern down, so when it's turned back the pattern shows? (These are some of the many reasons home economic courses should be mandatory.) I learned from my Mom. My kids--including my son--will know how to properly make a bed when they leave our house.

You can choose quilts, comforters and/or duvets. In the winter, we have a heavy, comforter on our bed--we're talking lead weight! In the summer, we drop down to a light weight quilt, which you see here. I like layers, so I have two dust ruffles on my bed. I couldn't find dust ruffles of differing lengths, so I have a king size on the bottom (it's the chambray fabric) and a queen on the top (the brown hop sack cloth). I gathered the king-size dust ruffle in the center before topping it with the queen-size dust ruffle, in order to keep the king-size from dragging the floor. That's a crocheted table cloth at the foot of the bed--for visual interest. We have six pillows on the bed--plus the accent pillow--which my husband takes great pains to carefully place on the chest at the foot of the bed when we go to sleep . . . NOT! They get unceremoniously tossed to the floor, where our large, hairy dog gleefully snuggles into them. In his defense, he does try to stack them on the clothes hamper--if it's not overflowing.

Duvets are especially nice for the bed sharing pet owners. They slip over the bulky comforter--protecting it from hair and other pleasant pet deposits--and toss easily into the washer. The one in the pic is a pink paisley--paisley being a little less "girly" than flowers and sometimes passable for the Y-chromosome opinion holders.

(I have a green one too--more likely to slip than one by the guys.)

If you really want to accommodate the guys, I can recommend some bedding that will remind them of their "peanut gallery" days. (Okay--that's a throw back--even for me.)

Well, I hope that gives you an idea or two. If you'd like some suggestions, send me a picture of your bed and current bedding. We can try to put together a new look, hopefully using some of your existing linens, to make your bed a unique expression of you.

In the meantime, sweet dreams. Thanks for your indulgence.


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