Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tuesdays with Morrie and More . . .

Last night, I went with my friend, Dianne, to see Tuesdays with Morrie at The Roxy. It was an incredible production. If you've read the book--if you haven't--you'll love it. The truly talented Joe Sonensheim plays Mitch, Morrie's forever student and guides you through the years seamlessly. Jay Doolittle, not a new face to The Roxy, plays his role as Morrie with such aplomb that I am convinced I lost my friend. This is truly Jay's role. I will warn you, however, if you don't want to experience a thought-provoking opportunity to exam your life, your choices, your faith and your relationships, you shouldn't go. Morrie generously imparts wonderful wisdom to Mitch--not the least of which is forgiveness. He also addresses attitude--how you face life and how you handle others as you dance through it. He states, "Dying is one thing to be sad about, living unhappily is another thing." Mitch was blessed to have the opportunity to reconnect with his friend before his death--you will be blessed by the experience of this show, I promise. You may even receive "extra credit."

As for Hodgepodge, we're putting out new stuff daily. We've recently received our shipment of Plant Nannies, which sold out very quickly last time. You "plant" the terra cotta spikes in the dirt with your flowers, fill an empty wine bottle with water and invert the bottle into the spike; your plants will receive a steady of dose of water for several days. These are perfect for your summer container plants. They also make a great gift for your favorite gardener. Pair them with an unopened bottle of wine for a thoughtful hostess gift.

We've also got a Father's Day table. We've gathered a few gift ideas for Dad into one location.

If you'd like to have something framed for Dad, be sure to get it to us ASAP, so the we can get it back to you in a timely manner. Maybe a special picture drawn by the kids or a photo from your favorite family vacation--Dad will love it.
As I'll likely have more to add later, I'll end here. Have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for your indulgence~

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