Sunday, May 18, 2008

We've got the stuff

All of it and then some! I mentioned in the previous post that we've just checked-in our shipment from a Belgium-based company. I found them when I went to the Atlanta market last January. There were one or two items I had to find at market during my last trip--simply to prove to myself that I could. For those of you who've never attended a wholesale market--especially the Americasmart in Atlanta--let me make a comparison. It's like looking for a book--one that you don't know the name or author of--in, say, The Library of Congress, without the benefit of a librarian or card catalog (remember those?), let alone a computer search!

Well, one of those things I had to find was a lantern I had seen somewhere--a book, magazine, oh I dunno--and wanted for Hodgepodge. I did it! It was the eleventh hour of my shopping experience and I was beat, so I wasn't even venturing down all of the aisles at this point. But then, the fairies who encourage our exhausted, achy shopkeeper souls, turned my head just in the nick-of-time to catch sight of my prey. Suddenly, I was revived and reinvigorated. It didn't take long to decide to place an order, for the lanterns as well as some other euro-vintage reproduction chandeliers, candeliers and bistro sets. They truly have a wonderful, European appeal.
The bistro set--suitable for outdoor use and very sturdy!

Candelier--awaiting it's candles.

A vintage-style euro chandelier.

You'll note I didn't include a picture of the lantern in question--you'll have to come to the shop to see it! I love it as much as I thought I would. It will have such a dramatic impact in any home.

I'm so pleased with these additions to Hodgepodge--I feel sure you will appreciate them as well.

Well, I think I'll focus my attention on Masterpiece Theater--The Cranford Series. Out satellite service is failing me and it's very frustrating, but I'm weeping and laughing all the same!

Thanks for your indulgence.


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