Monday, April 28, 2008

Vintage Beds

I've decided to do a quick post regarding beds and bedding might be in order--mainly because I've recently added two more beds to the Hodgepodge inventory! Beds take up a little bit of room in a small shop. So, let me introduce you to a few beds you could add to your home:

This is a gorgeous wood bed with a lovely, chippy paint, while preserving the beautiful floral detail and carvings. It has matching wood side rails and all of the original finials, too. It's full size. It's $235.

This full size iron bed is going to be a lovely addition to a romantic or shabby chic bedroom. I already have a potential buyer, but it's "on approval" so if you like it, let me know. I can give you a call if they decide against it. It has beautiful detailing. This one has a $275 price tag.

This is a wonderful metal bed with a faux wood finish. The paint detail is classic and beautiful. It even has all of it's original wood casters. There are minor scratches here-and-there, but otherwise it's a great bed. Guess what? It's full size! This one is a steal at $150.

This iron bed has a nice, sturdy tube-style frame with more delicate interior iron details. It's a great choice for a kids room. It's chippy with a little rust, which I love! I've preserved the finish with a clear top coat. It will look great with a floral bed cover, some lace accents and, perhaps some mosquito netting. This full-size bed, another steal, at $150.
There are several other choices available at Hodgepodge. Please drop in for a closer look.
Tomorrow, I'll make some suggestions for bedding.
Thanks for your indulgence.

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