Thursday, April 24, 2008

Clarksville--Tennessee's Top Spot

Have you seen it? Do you get it?

I have to admit, I've been pretty excited at the prospect of a new logo and slogan for Clarksville. I never really "got" the old one, "Gateway to the New South." My friend translated it as "Back door to the Old North." Don't "get" that either, but it was funny nonetheless.

At the unveiling, I have to admit, I was, initially, a little less than overwhelmed, but then it clicked.

It works for everything . . . Clarksville, Tennessee's Top City . . . for _________(fill-in the blank!). Top City for arts and heritage; Top City for boating; Top City for education. What a concept! It's good for what we're good for! It's ever changing and adaptive.

What I still don't get is the negative response and commentary the logo continues to receive. If you've made the mistake, as I have, of reading the blog comments following the article in The Leaf Chronicle, you'll understand. In fact, the effect of all of that negativity was to make me realize how much I like the logo!

It's my opinion (and that's just what it is, an opinion) that our current government is making valuable strides in "putting Clarksville on the map." Wanna know why? If our city becomes a destination location--a place people plan to visit--our residents will benefit. The typical refrain in the Leaf comments blog expressed curiosity as to why we're worried about our outside image ("putting Clarksville on the map") when we've got so many local issue that need to be addressed. Let me see if I can explain--although, if you're reading this you probably already understand, as I find Hodgepodge customers and friends are of superior intelligence and understanding. As TN has no state income tax, we are an economy reliant on sales and property taxes. In order to generate that type of revenue--people need to buy things! Well, wouldn't it be nice if the percentage of the people spending their money here in Clarksville were temporary visitors? They come and drop tax dollars into our coffers, then go home? We don't have to educate their kid or provide any other benefits. Or, they come and visit and decide Clarksville is great place to be and decide to move here. Over simplified, but there it is. That's why we need to worry about our image--in order to fund all of the improvements we'd like to see take place in our community we need to generate tax dollars.
So when you hear about the improvements being made to Legion Street and think it's a waste of money, remember that a great deal of our visitors are coming downtown, they're observing this:

There's a reason Franklin Street is one of our most photographed and featured images of Clarksville--it's unique, attractive, gives a sense of history, while offering the amenities of the 21st century. Legion Street--not quite there.

Again, if you're reading this you probably already understand.

Thanks for your indulgence!


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