Thursday, April 3, 2008

inspiring work space

I've found a new blog I enjoy checking in with occasionally, it's called Minding Her Business. This is a description of what she does in her own words: Cynthia Martyn is a Certified Coach who mentors women entrepreneurs to create businesses that bring them personal joy and professional prosperity. I thought, hey, I'm a woman entrepreneur and I could use some personal joy and professional prosperity. I'm hoping her blog will help!

The first post of Cynthia's I read was regarding an "Inspiring Workspace." (which was actually from another blog--click link to find it) It's a workspace another blogger/designer put together for her friend. It's cute; looks very organized, but . . . I'm suspicious. Was everything the friend actually works with tossed into a closet? Thrown in a handy laundry basket and kicked across the room prior to the photo shoot? How can people work like that? More to the point--why can't I work like that?

Determined to figure this out, I came in the next day and took this photo. This is my workspace. It always looks like this. Each day I vow it will change and it does--it slips away, re-stacks, is added to and it mocks me!
The worst part is, this is my wrap desk! This is what my customers see.
Okay--maybe there is something to this blog-style journaling. It's bad enough when I admit it to myself or a few friends, but now that I know anyone can read this (unless of course I chicken-out and fail to post this draft entry), I'm feeling like such a loser.
I vow that it will at least appear neater today. I bought an office center wardrobe from another business about a month ago, but I've stalled-out with the actual move my operation to the rear of the shop. I've got lots of excuses, but none of them are worth the embarrassment of this mess! I don't know how Patty and Jennifer have put-up with it.
Let me clarify, however, that I am doing this because it's my wrap desk and shouldn't be my office space. (I suppose this sounds like the denial of a typical addict.) Perhaps I am addicted to the chaos of my workspace. The fact is it's how I've always operated. If I put it away, it won't get done. The move to the rear of the shop--behind the curtain--makes me nervous, as most of my day is spent behind the wrap desk or helping customers--I can't be stuck in the back. I have to squeeze in the book work when I can.
Any ideas? Are there other any other right-brainers out there who have mastered this aspect of your lives?
A friend forwarded this right brain v left brain test a while ago--kind of cool. I actually see her moving both ways, but predominantly clockwise. No wonder I can't commit to clearing my wrap desk--I'm confused about which side of my brain is in control! It's not my fault! (Am I a great American, or what?) In fact . . . it's my mother's fault! She's a "stacker" from way back. We both make piles. We both save things we think we'll have time to read, but don't. Oh well, the stacking method works for me. I just shouldn't share it with my customers.
I had a revelation about my stacking problem the other day--it's creeping into to other areas of my daily life. I even stack on my computer! I pile-up files on that little bar across the bottom of the screen (all the left-brainers out there are cringing at my lack of computer terminology). I leave the computer on so I can access it remotely and weed through my stacks while watching a movie with the kids. Hi, my name is Paige and I'm a stackaholic.
Today is the day!
But just in case, does anyone have the location of the nearest Stackers Anonymous meeting?
Thanks for your indulgence.

PS If you've got the evening open, I hope you'll join us downtown for our First Thursday Art Walk and Wine, from 5 - 8 PM. Visit the Downtown Clarksville Association web site for more information.

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Cynthia Martyn said...

Hi Paige - thanks for the mention. I agree with you though - my workspace looks nothing like the ones that I feature on my blog (hence -no pictures of my workspace yet). Something we can all aspire too though - and yes, I do think they throw everything in a closet out of the range of a camera's lens ;)

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