Monday, December 17, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I hope you all are enjoying your days leading to--for Christians--the day commemorating the most precious gift of Jesus Christ. For Christians and non-Christians alike, I hope you are experiencing the joy and good will which seems abundant this time of year.
I will be heading out today--with Christmas Lists in hand--to attempt to fulfill the desires of my children. I sure hope Santa comes through for them, as I'm rather doubtful of my own success!
Today I thought I'd share some ideas about centerpieces or decorative accents for your sideboard and/or buffet.
I know it's a challenge to come-up with something decorative, yet practical. I mean, what's the point in inviting guest to your holiday dinners if you can't even see them across the table? It's important to be able to arrange a centerpiece you can see over and around OR you can easily remove. Arrangements on your buffet can be a little more elaborate and larger in scale--so maybe that's where you can get a little more creative.
For the table, the obvious choice is candles. Just bear-in-mind that this is not the place for your wonderfully scented candles. Another tip, with regard to candles on the table, is to to be sure to surround your tapers with a bobeche or a hurricane because, no matter how "drip less" the candle--they're still susceptible to drafts and bumps which can cause them to drop wax. Pillars are a good choice because it's more difficult for the wax to escape the top of the candle. These beaded glass pillars are a wonderful options as they provide a glimmering shimmer, lit or unlit, to the table scape. The mercury glass finial--also pictured here--provide a nice compliment, without taking-up a great deal of visual space. They provide vertical interest, but it's important to place some items close to the surface of your table, too. On this table, you'll see a two-tier server in the center, loaded with a selection of related ornaments, and encircled with an ethereal white feather wreath.
The centerpiece shown here it tall, but narrow, so your guests should be able to see around and through the airy placement of peacock feathers and sequined trees. A simple, low setting with high impact is the use of a silver tray--like the one with your Grandmother's coffee and tea service--as the base. Place several different sizes of wine glasses--as many as you like--on the tray. Surround the base with cuttings of pine and other evergreens, as well as some fruit (oranges, apples, etc.) Fill the wine glasses about half-way with colorful or plain sand--to protect from the heat of the tea light you will then place in the glass. You could substitute some cranberries for the sand--or red hots candies.
Later today, I'll add some ideas for the side boards and buffets, as well as some gift ideas.
Thanks for you indulgence~

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