Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gifts for YOU!

I hear it all of the time--"I shouldn't be buying this . . ."--"It's Christmas, I'm supposed to be buying for others." My answer to that is give yourself a break! This is the time of year when you're out and looking more than any other--you're naturally going to see and want stuff for yourself. I mean, who's the easiest person to shop for? ME! That's why Hodgepodge now offers a Wish List gift registry. While you're looking around the shop for gifts for your sister, jot down the items you'd like to receive yourself and we'll keep the list at the shop for your friends and family to reference. Now, Christmas being only three days away, what do you think you'll find under the tree with your name on it?
May I be so bold as to make some suggestions? (Feel free to share this with your spouse, mother and friend!)

Any piece of our one-of-a-kind jewelry made out of vintage china is perfect! These items are hand-crafted and set in sterling silver--marked with the hallmark of a certified silver smith. We have everything from little charms to the mother (literally, Mother Mary) of all vintage china jewelry. Prices range from $28 to $490 and are worth every penny!
Why not ask for a purse that won't break the budget or your back? We have a variety of purses, but my favorite being the purses from Dana Herbert. She chooses lovely, durable fabrics for her construction. They're well-sized and not weighed down with a bunch of heavy metal.

Then there's our bedding. With most of winter still ahead of us--who doesn't want to crawl into a luxuriously comfy bed, layered with beautiful quilts and creamy, soft sheets? Talk with us about putting together a look that you'll love. Quilts start at $140 for full/queens.
It's too late to custom order for Christmas, but I do have one "I LOVE YOU" typewriter key bracelet in stock. If he doesn't get the hint--you may wish to remind him that Valentine's Day comes up quickly! $150

I love entertaining. I especially love when I can set a beautiful table. Why not ask for--or treat yourself to--some vintage or vintage-look dishes? We have a wonderful selection to help you set a beautiful table.
Our "in store" TAG sonoma dishes and bubble glass bar ware continues on sale--20% off thru Christmas Eve. Time to finally buy?

Another year round treat could be these gold mercury glass candle sticks. Coming in at under $60 for all three--these accessories are perfect for almost any decor!

Well, the way I see it is . . . I'm the easiest person I know to shop for . . . why not do what's easy? You deserve it!
Thanks so very much for your indulgence!
Merry Christmas~
PS We're open Christmas Eve 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

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