Thursday, December 13, 2007

Did someone say "contest?"

Yup--it was me. I hope you enjoyed--perhaps even found useful--the decorating tips and gift ideas. There are more to follow! Check back often.

As for participating in the contest--all you have to do to be entered into this contest is add your comments to at least one of my blog entries (during the month of December). If you make a comment, make sure you don't use some code name--or if you do, send me a separate email to decode it for me--so I can toss your name in the hat.

The prize? The prize is the good feeling you'll have for letting me know people actually read these things! Actually, the prize is a $50 gift certificate--for Hodgepodge.

The purpose? I want this to be a dialogue not a diatribe! Let me know what you're thinking about, let me know if there are some new or interesting products you wish I carried at Hodgepodge, let me know if you have a decorating dilemma (I'll see if I can find someone to help)--let me know you're out there!

This is me typing my little fingers to the bone--I usually use two hands.

And this is my happy face upon reading your comments! (It took about twelve self-portrait shots to find the angle without all the chins!)

Well, have fun and leave those comments!
Thanks, as always, for your indulgence~

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