Tuesday, December 18, 2007

gifts around $25

These are great gifts for your friends, sisters, sisters-in-law, anyone you like to do just a little more for . . .

Choose from our extensive selection of bath & body products from Archipelago Botanicals. The milk based products are high on the lists of dermatologists recommended products for winter skin. $7.50 - $30

Also from Archipelago Botanicals is our ever popular soy wax candles--they come in a variety of scents including: Wasabi Mint, Moroccan Incense and Sapote Persimmon. $22

How about the classic spoon ring? These rings are made from vintage silver plate flatware and are engravable! Only $18

Cathy Penton vintage ephemera, sterling silver frames charms, can help you show how well you understand the gift recipient--we have a nice selection of charms available. $26

A new addition to Hodgepodge this past Fall were these lovely glass images from Fringe. Some come filled with candles, others are trays or coasters and others are votive holders. Current inventory ranges in price from $9.95 - 27.95

For your wine connoisseur--a vintage doorknob wine stopper. $28 - 30

He would also enjoy these wine and cider carafes. $18 - 20

Start her out with a few place settings of this versatile flatware. $17.50/place setting

They'll set a lovely table with a set of these chargers; available in silver, pewter and copper. You can give four for $20 or six for $30! What an impact that will have.

You can give four of these lovely etched wine glasses: $28

Or four of these wine or water glasses: $28 for the small or $32 for the large

We still have a few holiday decor items for those who look forward to decorating for Christmas all year long.

I hope these ideas spark something for you.

Later today I'll get up those much anticipated buffet ideas--I know, I know.

Tomorrow--it's the big gifts and/or ideas for you!

Thanks for your indulgence~


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