Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Fat Lady is Singing

The holiday season is behind us. We're dwindling down the Christmas decorations; we've even put away one of the three trees! We've changed the windows to a more generic "winter" look. We're even receiving new merchandise! Spring merchandise--YIKES! Okay, there are some transitional items, but I did see a few bunnies.

My sister, Nikki, and her family just pulled-out for their long journey back to Northern Virginia. It boggles my mind that they're willing to drive that distance, those hours, to join the chaos we call home. (I mean look at these nuts!)

I, naturally, fell very ill during their visit--sleeping most of Thursday away. Then it was Haedyn's turn. We're all crossing our fingers for a healthy return trip for the Campbells.

In two weeks, Kendall and I will head to Atlanta to the Home Furnishings & Gift Market in search of new items for Hodgepodge. I've got a few things in mind and I'm making notes as I think of them; but it's always exciting to just get there and see what you didn't even know existed--let alone that you must have it! It's an exhausting experience, but I admit it's fun. I get in trouble though--it's too easy to spend. If you all would just promises me you'll buy it all . . .

I'm in the midst of determining if I'm going into the framing business. My neighbor/tenant Neblett's Framing Outlet wants to sell. I've offered to buy, but I'm not sure how it's all going to happen. I've cut mats and glass before, but not only am I pitiful at it, I most certainly could not charge for it! Know anyone who can frame? Actually, you don't have to frame--just cut mats and glass. I'm serious. Let me know. Better yet--know anyone who wants to own a frame shop? Call me! It's cheap!

In addition, I'll be expanding into the new space (currently the frame shop). I truly have no plan for making this happen. So, bear with us while we grow--painfully.

We've decided to put-off our building renovations--it's just too much to take on right now. We're still considering other possibilities--such as artist studio spaces. Again, if you're interested, let us know.
Okay, back to relaxing--I promised Darren.
Happy New Year!

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