Thursday, February 7, 2008

technology . . . friend or foe?

Well, life is busy isn't it? I'm having computer issues at the house--so I've not been able to access the internet in the evenings. I dropped my digital camera while taking photos at the shop yesterday. Technology is not my friend this week.
However, as I watch the news about the tornadoes in our state and elsewhere, I realize (once again) I need to keep things in perspective!
We have been busy at the shop--unpacking shipment after shipment. New inventory from market is arriving and making a big impact on the shop. We have Valentine's as you enter the door and Spring is bursting out all over the boutique! Hey folks--Easter is about 6 weeks away! Pull out your decorations, take inventory, then head to Hodgepodge for some special items to spruce it up. We've got Nicol Sayre, Jennifer Murphy and Debbee Thibault--to name a few. I encourage you to visit the links I've provided to the web sites for these amazingly talented and gifted women. You'll quickly understand why I decided to carry their incredible creations.
I love our new space on the Legion Street level. We've got a lot more to do to Hodgepodge-ify it, but we're getting there. Remember you can now enter Hodgepodge from Legion Street--so when you're looking for that coveted parking space, don't by-pass Legion Street!
Speaking of which, have you heard about all of the transformations planned for Legion Street? I can't wait! They're going to bury the lines that currently have the street looking like an up-turned bowl of spaghetti. There will be wide sidewalks--which we hope will encourage outdoor dining with our restaurants--a fountain and more! Downtown is finally on the move--I feel justified, as I'm sure many of the other long time business owners do.
We've had quite a few ladies sign-up for our "How Do They Do That?" series for February. On Monday we'll be creating a beautiful keepsake for your keepsakes. We'll decoupage old suitcases with valentines and other romantic materials.
If you haven't made plans yet--you should go see My Way at The Roxy; it opened this weekend. There are two shows on the 14th, otherwise, it runs the normal Weds - Sat through the end of the month--actually Mar 3rd.
Okay--I've been trying to upload pictures for two days now--we're posting without . . .
Thanks for your indulgence!

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