Monday, January 28, 2008

paint and more paint . . . then some paint!

well, the icky carpet is gone! hurrah! and, as expected from any 130 year old building, we found beautiful, wide plywood floors! oh well, i think somethings happen for the best. it wasn't a difficult decision to paint it . . . as it may have been if i had found beautiful hardwood floors. the floor is solid, but clearly sloping toward the center of the room. there are huge gaps around the edges--between the floor and the base boards. i prefer to think of all of these imperfections as "character," but i'm sure my husband's eyes will go straight to the aforementioned issues and wonder why i proceeded without first correcting them.

so the floor is creamy white and the walls are no long dark, almost black, green, but (surprise, surprise) the lightest shade of blue (like the rest of the shop). this is the area that will become our garden shop. this weekend i found some new stuff from a man specializing in custom-made furnishings. so i present for your approval our newest offerings:

please remember, too, the runnning theme for this new addition is the framing boutique. we can help you preserve your precious mementos, certificates, family photos and, of course, prints or original works of art. we'd love to have you share your best memories with us.

another movie night . . . practical magic--for the sound track, if nothing else--but because it has a great love message. it's actually very romantic. and, oh my gosh, the house! the aunts house and garden--to die for! i remember when it was featured in victoria--a geat magazine.

speaking of magazines, please pick-up at copy of romantic home this month. so many great ideas and features. i happen to know you can find it a hodgepodge, for 20% off of the suggested price!
thanks for your indulgence.

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