Tuesday, January 15, 2008


as i'm sure you've been checking in hourly to read the next installment i promised regarding the renovations i thought i'd get busy writing.

in case you didn't read the earlier posts, i'll bring you up-to-speed. we've purchased the frame shop that was located behind hodgepodge--formerly known as neblett's framing outlet--on the legion street side of the building. we now offer the framing services once offered by neblett's. you can now access hodgepodge from legion street as well as franklin street.

if you can see toward the top of this picture, you'll notice the white lights surrounding the newly opened window to the mezzanine level. the staircase is on the right--through the gazebo. other plans for the newly acquired space include adding a garden area. there is so much to do and so little free time these days. yet, i am blessed--this i know.

and now for a random thought . . . is there a movie more beautiful, more moving than out of africa? watching it now--don't want it to end.

more pics . . .

the new nursery furnishings--custom painted. can you stand those cute fabrics? and they're as soft as they are cute. again--you choose the fabrics

Some Valentine's . . .

okay . . . bawling like a baby. karen and dennis are dancing in her empty house.

oh, and hey . . . we have many new permanent markdowns. stop in soon for best selections.

well, i guess i've dragged you through enough and it's late.

thanks for your indulgence.


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