Monday, January 14, 2008

My Return from "THE MARKET"

Well, I'm back and I'm more excited than I thought I'd be. A pleasant sensation, to say the least. As mentioned in the earlier blog about market--it's a little pleasure mixed with pain--physical and mental. They don't allow rolling carts anymore--except of a certain small size (which I refused to buy another rolling cart)--so you end-up carrying about 30 lbs of catalogs through this gagilliion square foot market. By the time I left Sunday afternoon--I was taking ibuprofen on the four-hour-cycle dot! My hips are killing me!
Let me say, first and foremost, how wonderful it was to return to Hodgepodge looking so great! After Christmas is always a let down--putting away all of the lights, trees, ornaments and other fanciful decor really leaves the place looking empty. Not this time, however. Jennifer and Patty did such a great job of rethinking the boutique--it looks great! I'm so fortunate to have them. Also, Kendall has been ticking away at our inventory--a stinky, thankless job--so THANK YOU, KENDALL! And, my brother-in-law, Terry, has been working to make access to the upper level of the newly renovated (but still in the process) Hodgepodge. (More on the renovations later.)

I bought lots and lots--everything from Spring to Christmas. I'll be introducing several new lines, beefing up some tried and true and cutting back on others. Contrary to popular opinion--you don't bring a trailer load back with from this market. There are cash and carry markets and a few that offer cash and carry at this market, but I haven't ventured to those markets yet.

I did, however, carry back some of the broken china jewelry. It's amazing! This new cross is one I've been wanting ever since I started buying this line, but, as each item is unique and hand-crafted, I never knew when I'd get it. So, I bought the one I wear (almost daily), as I'm somewhat impatient when I get my heart set on something, and waited for the Last Supper cross that you see here. The artists are soooo busy at their studio that it can take months to fill an order--so I've come to realize that I must purchase these items at market. Here's a sampling of the latest additions:

The pendants below are made from carnival glass--the color is amazing and changes at every angle.

What else? Let's see--I found another great vendor for European items for the garden--including authentic beer garden chairs and tables--wunderbar! Beautiful candle sconces and amazing chandeliers. All from a new-to-the-USA Belgian company. Too cool! A great compliment to the other European supplier I secured last Summer. The best part? They are--as you know if you priced my statuary--incredibly affordable! Then you'll see much, much more from a company specializing in farmhouse chic--I introduced them in the Fall. Most of that inventory is gone already. I've ordered a new line of personal and baby accessories--most of which won't be here until July, but we'll offer a small sampling in a few weeks. Then we have a few other suppliers for home and garden accessories, as well as personal adornments.

Specifically, for your personal accoutrement--tah dah--we'll be offering a Hodgepodge line of clothing (just t-shirts to start). A t-shirt which will reflect your sense of style, while nodding at your practicality. We're working with a local screen printer, Active Screen Graphics, on our design. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for your indulgence.

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Anonymous said...

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