Monday, February 18, 2008


How can you get to know someone without asking them any questions? I mean, really know what they're about--their likes, loves, interests, goals and ambitions. Well, I have a theory. I think you can learn a lot about a person by looking at their nightstand and (in my case) the area around the nightstand.

To support my assertion, I'll offer up as evidence a photograph of my own bedside area.

There it is--I've just bared my soul to you. What will you find when you look at my nightstand and the surrounding area? Current and back issues of my favorite magazines: Romantic Homes, Victoria, Country Home, Country Living, Home Companion and Bon Appetit. Then you've got the selection of books I'm reading--When I Need God the Most; The Martha Rules (not very enlightening); The Care of the Soul; Eat, Love, Pray; Simple Abundance; and, Blue Christmas are out of sight--they're on the bed, where they were left when I fell asleep (my husband is away and the entire bed has become a work space. You'll also find the latest Americasmart guide, a measuring tape (just in case?), pens & pencils, a nearly empty journal, a picture of my husband as a child, an ink drawing of a cross by one of my favorite local artists, Peggy Bonnington and a spray bottle of Caldrea's Lavender Linen Spray. Oh, and a broken clock--but it's too pretty to trash and too cheap to repair!

So what do these items say about me? Well, first and foremost, there is every indication that I require a twelve-step program to cure my addiction to periodicals. I cannot help myself! I just recently cracked the bindings of the November and December issues of most--not having time to peruse their content during the all-important selling season! Bon Appetit is a throw-back to the days when I had time to explore new recipes and plan parties with interesting menus. Now, we entertain, but it's always well within my comfort zone--very few recipes have graced our table in the past three years. Second, are the books--almost all related to self-improvement, be it spiritually or fiscally--I'm sure if we dig deep enough, there's something in there for my physical well-being, too. I don't read novels anymore--I listen to them. I am trying to read "Blue Christmas" upon my cousin Stacy's recommendation--guess she thought I could relate to the heroine--a snappy, successful and fabulous boutique owner, but it's a reach! (First of all, she attends antique auctions--I'm afraid of facilitating yet another addiction, so I don't do auctions.) Third, the odd-botts indicate all of the contingencies I'm prepared to face--pen and pencils, measuring tapes, et al. The nearly empty journal--an indication of my inability to commit to anything which might provide introspection (just ask Thomas Moore--he's been waiting for years for me to finish his book!). The cross--to remind me every morning and night of the true and meaningful blessings I've been graced with in my life--and Who gave them to me!

How about your nightstand? Willing to share? Do you agree with my "window to the soul" theory?

Well, I look forward to hearing from you . . . hint, hint.


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