Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wonderful Start, Wonderful Day

Okay--that's already a lie. It wasn't a wonderful start. When my son's alarm--set for his weekday schedule--went off at 5 a.m. this morning, there was no going back to sleep. My eyes flutter open even as my mind hits 60 m.p.h.--and that's just the on the on ramp--wait until I get in the fast lane! I decide to get up--brush my teeth (now I'm really awake), tend to the dog (back gate is open!). Go watch the news--no satellite connection! Cat shares the contents of her stomach . . .

That was my start. I promised to be at the shop at 8:30 a.m. for a Daughters of the King meeting--I'm not a DOK--they asked if I would open early for their meeting. I'm so flattered they ask--of course. This is when things start looking up! What a lovely group of ladies--I knew them all--save one--as we attend Trinity Episcopal together. Now, I even know the one I hadn't met before--Barbara--DELIGHTFUL! I listened in on their discussion about the origins and differences in the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican rosaries (didn't even know we--Episcopalians--had a rosary!). This is all very timely and appropriate to me, as I've had a recent fascination with religious icons and rosaries.
But, even before the discussion, things had begun looking-up, because I found my keys--which I was convinced had been inadvertently picked-up by a customer or sales rep yesterday (not just simply, misplaced)! There they were, stuck down in between the mat boards, just below the last place I remember seeing them. Odd though, I looked there several times last night--I'm sure of it. The point is, something which was consuming me, occupying my thoughts, even in the background was solved that quickly. Done. They're found. I think, though, I wouldn't have found them if I would have continued the frantic search. They appeared once I stopped the frenzied, panicked overturning of stuff and the verbal self-loathing for my absent-mindedness. There they were.
The rest of the day continued to climb out of the hole where it had begun. Friends and customers--often one in the same--stopping in, buying things! (That helps a lot!) The problem is that I need the shoppers, but get just as much satisfaction from the visitors. Well, I had a little of both and it felt balanced.
I just wanted to share my observance of a well-balanced day. Start it with chaos, calm it with prayer. You'll find lost items, you'll be able to pay bills, you'll come home to a clean kitchen (courtesy of your 16-year-old daughter), you'll hear Handel's "hallelujah chorus."
Life is good.
Thanks for your indulgence.

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