Friday, August 24, 2012

A Restful Repose

About three months ago, I purchased this nice, but less than perfect oak bed.  Pieces like this are ideal candidates for my paint brush.  I love painted furniture, but I do not paint pieces I feel have value in their original, untouched state.  You see, I have a fear of one watching the PBS show, Antiques Road Show, when the experts are studying a lovely piece of painted furniture and commenting, “If only it hadn’t been painted, this piece would bring $5,000 at auction, but in it’s current painted state, we have to value it at $200.” 

Consequently, I only want to paint pieces which, otherwise, might be over looked.  This bed, for instance, had made it all the way through the Nashville flea market and was still there on Sunday.  The veneer on the headboard was slightly warped and the footboard had been repaired where it connects to one of the rails, but otherwise it was sturdy and had lots of potential.



oak bed pre-paint

(Will I ever remember to take the “before” pictures in a timely manner?)

When I snagged this piece, I knew right away that I wanted to give it a Country French/French Country makeover, so I would be painting it with Old White and Paris Grey Chalk Paint™ . . . or maybe with French Linen and Louis Blue . . . or maybe . . .

Needless to say, the bed waited and waited for me to decide how to paint it.

It moved from the work area to the storage area.Then, during one of my Chalk Paint™ workshops, I had an epiphany!

Back story:  Travis (my workshop assistant extraordinaire) and I are constantly amazed by the way all of the colors of Chalk Paint™ work together. During our workshops we pull-out all 30 colors and use them in various combinations.  In this process, we have yet to place one color next to another and say, “Ooh, yuck!” Usually, it’s more like, “That is amazing—look at how nice that looks together!” (Then we set about looking for a piece to paint in that newly discovered paint combination!)

Okay, so you’ve peaked already and know that I didn’t use Paris Grey or Louis Blue.  No—my epiphany involved Old Violet, so that is what I chose for my base coat.  I then intended to add Paris Grey and Old White.  I knew I would distress it and, more than likely, I’d finish it with dark wax.



So there it is, ready for the next step . . .

Here’s where I changed my mind again!

I decided I wanted the overall look to be muted and thought the Paris Grey would be a little crisp looking.  I finally settled on painting the inset panels with French Linen, then topped with Country Grey.  I used a wet cloth to spread and blend the two colors.

I then added a stenciled motif in the center of the headboard using the French Linen again.  I applied it very lightly—wanting it to be very subtle.



I then applied the clear wax to the entire piece and commenced to sanding!



After reapplying the clear wax, I applied a light coating of dark wax and called it done.

Here’s what it looks like now:

old violet bed 3

If you take a close look at the footboard, you can see I did a lot of sanding on the inside—where I figured it would naturally have a lot of wear.

old violet bed 4

The same is true of the headboard—years of propping-up in bed to read, would cause the finish to wear-away. 

old violet bed-headboard

And one more photo of this beauty. 

Old violet bed 5

I am very pleased with the results and once again amazed by the way all of these colors work so well together.  In fact, if you’ve used Chalk Paint™ decorative paints, I’d love to hear about your favorite color combinations.

I will be linking to  Vintage Inspired Fridays, I hope you visit and take some time to check-out some of the other links there.

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Thanks for your indulgence,



Auntie Bliss said...

I had my doubts but I LOVE the finished product!!!! You nailed it!!
I'm going to come in and take a nap, and dream it is MINE.
(do you mean to have the capcha thing on? )

The Long Awaited Home said...

Wow, you really had a vision for this project. I never would have done this, and I love, love, love it!


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