Friday, August 3, 2012

Teach the World to Sing

The other day, a friend/customer (same thing, right?) told me she was looking for a globe. The next day, I happened into Miss Lucille’s Marketplace and found one. I wasn’t completely sure what type of globe she wanted, but this was a great deal I found in one of the booths of a wonderful Chalk Paint™ fan, so I thought, if she doesn’t want it, I am sure I can do something with it! So , it came back to the shop with me (along with a large silver plate pitcher, which actually went to my house . . .).
As it turns out, my friends was looking for something that had an “old world” look to it—which I naturally understand. So I had a globe to use for a project!
My first thought was to “age” it with some stain, then I thought about the ideas Patty had recently shared with me. My little hamster started spinning on his wheel and, a few minutes later, I had an actual creative thought!
That’s when I grabbed the Mod Podge®, a vintage book of music and a paint brush.
globe project
(The lighting on my work bench makes my photos look like I am working on a science fair project . . . “the rotation of the earth in relation to the sun”)002_thumb[2]
finished music globe_thumb[2]
By far, one of the easiest project EVER! I still may add the words, “Teach the World to Sing” and paint the base, but I’ve already taken too long to follow-up on the project teaser I posted on Facebook the other day.
Funny thing is, though, I just saw a Pinterest post about adding glitter to Mod Podge®, which would have been a great “layer” for this project, eh? Going to have to find something else to Glitter Podge soon!
Do you have a favorite Mod Podge® project?
I’m going to link to Vintage Inspiration Friday, because I love it!
vintage_inspiration_button (187x187)[5]
Be sure to visit—you will love it, too!
Thanks for your indulgence,


Anonymous said...

Oh I love your globe! Paper is one of my favourite things! You did such great job covering that vintage globe!

Thanks for sharing...
Hope you'll visit me too!

Ciao Bella
Sensible Sarah

Auntie Bliss said...

You are having too much fun...making me laugh! I love the globe :) I'll bet that friend/customer will want it now!
I like the Teach the world to sing idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh I so love this globe....just might have to try something like it someday!
Thanks for sharing. I'm also on the Vintage Inspiration link list today...hope you'll drop by.

ciao bella
your newest follower
Creative Carmelina

Sharon Bennett Bohnenberger said...

Oh, wow, what a marvelous idea! I love it!

Polly said...

Cute! I love Mod Podge! I've got a brand new jar of it and some maps calling my name later today!!

Thanks for your visit to Georgie Emerson Vintage! Nice to connect with you!


Juanita Markham, Booth #713, Wild Blue Yonder @ Miss Lucilles said...

That's awesome, Paige! So glad you could use that globe in such a creative way! And the silver pitcher, too, of course! We're having a 20% off sale this weekend in our booth @ Miss Lucilles, so maybe you can swing by.
Also, I bought a couple of little cuties this week that are crying for some chalk paint treatment. I'll be by soon for some color inspiration.

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