Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Pinterest Inspired Project

While I have been  decorating, embellishing these emergency candles for several years, I was looking for a new idea for a fall display I am working on.  I knew I wanted to wrap them in burlap, but for further embellishment, I was floundering.  I thought of tying-on a stem of wheat.  I thought of shipping tags with stamped images, but neither of these ideas moved me to action. 
That’s when I remembered the burlap flowers I saw on Pinterest.
burlap flower

I remember noticing this pin because I had been planning to try to make burlap flowers for a pair of flip-flops I purchased earlier this summer.
I pulled-up the instructions (the best feature of Pinterest is the fact that you can trace almost every pin to its origin) and set about making my own.  Here  is how:
1)  First I set a straight line for cutting by pulling a single strand through the length of the burlap.

2)  This is what it looks like (cut along the wide gap):

3)  Cut the strips into 13 – 15” lengths.  Fold over one end, approximately 1/4”.  Apply hot glue and seal the fold.

4)  On the other end of the burlap strip, lift two threads of the fabric:

5)  grab those two threads and start pulling them away from the fabric, this will gather the fabric:

6)  Pull the gathers as tight as possible without breaking:


7) Once pulled tight, bring end-to-end and glue:

8)  Once the glue is set, pinch one side of the gathered fabric.  The flat side will be the part you attach to the surface of the candle:

9)  I tied a thin velvet ribbon around the candle—forming a square knot:


10)  I then ran both ends of the ribbon through the center of the rosette:

11)  I then added a vintage key (hard to see, I know, but take my word for it—you will see it in the next picture), slipping it onto one strand of the ribbon and tying a square knot to secure it:

12)  and viola!  the finished project/product:
I love all of the extra strings hanging and pulling away from the flower, it adds the rustic, nonchalance I was looking for with this project.

Have you actually followed-through on a project you saw on Pinterest?  I'd love to hear about it.

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Auntie Bliss said...

You are SO creative!! See, you added your own style to what you found on P and I love it.

Cottage and Broome said...

I loved this project, simple but real cute. Yes I have done a project from Pinterest. An insanity project, I poked 400, yes 400 flag toothpick into Styrofoam to make a flag wreath (I posted about it). I might be one of those disturbed women in my post! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

Katherines Corner said...

Love the burlap flower embellishment, it's the perfect touch. I hope you will share this at the hop on Thursday. Hugs

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