Thursday, December 30, 2010

Better Late?

Well, I fully intended to get these pictures posted prior to Christmas—they were taken well before..

This is the new wreath I put together.  It’s actually a blend of my old wreath with some new stuff.  First, I took off all of the red stuff—the berries and the poinsettias.   Then I started adding the new stuff . . .

wreath 5

I decided to use a bird theme—I love them and I had an ample supply of resources at the shop!

wreath 2

I recycled the grapevine form,the pine, the mistletoe branches and the bow.

wreath 1

I added the frost-speckled nest and the bird.

wreath 3

The had to work-in these frosted, green rosehips and pheasant feathers.  The feathers are faux and wired, therefore much easier to manipulate than the real thing.  They’re one of my favorite elements.

wreath 4


wreath 6

Here’s the pile of leftovers.  They’re now stored away for a resurrection in a future arrangement.

wreath remnants

Sorry I didn’t get this posted in a more timely manner, but I hope it provides you with some inspiration for your own arrangements or wreaths.

Did you recycle any arrangements at your house this Christmas?   I’d love to see them—share a link in the comments forms!

Thanks for your indulgence!



Auntie Bliss said...

So pretty, Paige! Can you just keep it out all winter? (I would.)

That was a fast Christmas, wasn't it?
I was thinking when I bought that piece of ceiling tin that you might want one! There are more. I paid $22 for it in Hoptown.

Auntie Bliss said...

Wow! I had a real pro stop by. Your advice was right on. I have searched my brains out for a really huge hutch online and the one in the photo still isn't the one in my head. Too prim and not European enough. (picky?)
Might better go to Europe :)

The Shanty Girl said...

Very pretty! Paige I was wondering if you got your goodies? Just curious.

Auntie Bliss said...

I think I need your email address...I'm hogging this page!
I knew that market was next week ...oohhhh why don't I get to go? Never been of course!
That cabinet will be there too...gosh...wonder how much all that bedding is wholesale...

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