Monday, December 6, 2010

paige’s favorite tree


I refer to this one as the “woodland tree.”

mostly christmas 2010 043

The colors are all of my favorites—browns, blues, greens mixed with shimmering golds and bronzes.

mostly christmas 2010 044

This acorn with the look of crackling ice crystals is only made better with the cap of beads.

mostly christmas 2010 045

Pinecones are a personal favorite—this snow flocked ornament shines brightly with the sprinkles of glitter.  The finial ornament is accented with pine bows and pinecones.

mostly christmas 2010 046mostly christmas 2010 049

This oak leaf is from the talented Wendy Addison—note the signature glass glitter and twisted wire wrapping.  (Love that lady and her designs!)

mostly christmas 2010 050

This glitter acorn adds a lots of visual interest to the the tree.

mostly christmas 2010 051

A real pinecone dipped in a bronze paint is an amazing focal point for the tree.

mostly christmas 2010 052

Birds are always a favorite, which is true of their cages, as well.  I’m an addict!  Kendall will tell you.  (Oh, by the way, guess who just remembered she left one at the flea market two weeks ago!  YUP, it was paid for . . .)

mostly christmas 2010 053

A glittery, golden bird is right at home in the bountiful tree.

mostly christmas 2010 054

A wintery nest with snow-flocked berries and leaves.

mostly christmas 2010 055

A mercury glass acorn is another version of an obvious theme.

mostly christmas 2010 056

This floral pick is so versatile.  I’ve used it in everythig from table arrangements to the tree.  They’re classic!

mostly christmas 2010 057

This beautiful angel looks as though she were carved from wood, but her resin base makes her a practical choice for your tree.

mostly christmas 2010 058

Okay—why these are still in the shop is beyond me!  I love the combination of the burlap, the crewel work and ribbons—not to mention the tassel!   I think they’re coming home with me.

mostly christmas 2010 059

These golden orbs are great filler for glass bowls or hurricanes—or you can add a hook to hang them in the tree.

mostly christmas 2010 060

One final ornament—the mixed media look of this cute tag ornament is so appealing!

mostly christmas 2010 061

So, there you have another tree of Hodgepodge.  If you have questions about any of the ornaments, please email me of give me a call!

Thanks for your indulgence!



Tanya said...

This is my favourite for sure too Paige. Wish we lived closer. Thank you so much for the lovely pics. Good buying.

Auntie Bliss said...

Everybody needs a woodland tree!
Wait. I don't have one.
It was nice to have 2 visits from you today :)
I have plans to pop in soon...can't wait!

Paige Thomas King said...

Yay! Can't wait. See you soon.

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