Monday, December 13, 2010

Our New Staircase Decor

I mentioned in my article for The Leaf Chronicle today that we had to throw-away all of the stuff I had accumulated and used to decorate the staircase in the past.  (It was smoke damaged after our fire last January.)

So, since I had to start from scratch again, I thought I’d share the process of putting together our new look.

First, it started with basic faux pine garland.  As you get ready to use it, you need to fluff it.  Then, once it’s in place—fluff it again!

stairs 1

I knew a single garland would not be enough, so I bought enough to double-up the entire length of the banister.  (I ended-up using a total of twelve garlands for this banister.)  You’ll note I worked a rather deep “swag” in the garland.  Don’t wrap tightly around the hand-rail—first, it looks  chinsy and this stuff is relatively cheap; second, it allows spaces where your guests can grab the much needed rail!

stairs 2

Then I added lights—this way the tulle and ribbon will help soften the look.  (I used 600 lights.)

stairs 3

Nest I added the tulle—it’s actually closer to “netting.”

stairs 4

I chose the netting over tulle because it was more substantial next to my burlap ribbon.  I ended-up cutting it lengthwise—I started with eight yards.

stairs 5

Here you see the addition of burlap.

stairs 6

The burlap ornaments I shared in an earlier blog post—as promised I brought them home for myself!  LOVE them!

stairs 7

See!  Wonderful!

stairs 8

Then I added the blue ornaments in groups of three.

stairs 9

Lights off . . .

stairs 10stairs 11stairs 12

A lose-up of the favored burlap ornaments . . .

stairs 13stairs 14

So next year, I might add some natural elements—pinecones, maybe  some magnolia pods and leaves. . . ooh, and some berries—white ones.  Actually, I may have to do that this year . . .

Any suggestions?  I’m open—just leave them here.

Thanks for your indulgence!



Tanya said...

Absolutely inspiring. Well done with the step by step photos. It is so glorious and well worth the effort.

Amy Thompson said...

You did a beautiful job! Gorgeous.

MrsMartin said...

O My Wowness. It's just so beautiful. I wish we had a staircase in my house. Oh well, I guess I can just look at yours. So pretty!

The Shanty Girl said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I love the burlap ornament as well!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Paige, that is absolutely tremendous.. With that gorgeous staircase, how could anyone go wrong???? I love what you have done to it.. It's just incredible!!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Entertaining Women said...

You made an involved project sound ever so easy...the mark of a good tutorial. It turned out beautifully...the burlap ornaments are spectacular. I kept envisioning a wide, wired silk plaid ribbon in cream, taupe, and blue. I wonder if it might make the amazing ornaments even more of a focal point than the burlap ribbon....which is also very cool. Thanks for sharing your charming design and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How pretty -- thanks for showing it layer by layer -- Positivly stunning. I love the burlap ornaments. Thanks for your sweet visit to my table this week.

Auntie Bliss said...

Sooo beautiful!

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