Sunday, November 21, 2010

The White Window

The tradition at Hodgepodge has become that we dress one window in an indoor/outdoor theme and the other window in a winter white theme. I’ve already shared the indoor and outdoor “rooms” of the other window and now . . .

wa deco 6

This is the scene set on a serving tray on our daybed. The bottle brush tree with vintage-look ornaments and flocking is wonderful. Then there’s the European-style Saint Nicholas with his lantern. The pharmacy canister, along with the pillar candle I wrapped in sheet music and tied with a ribbon round out this vignette.

white room deco 2

I dressed the mannequin in one of our little black dress aprons and gave her a skirt of flocked branches. The Fleur de Lis is from the Wendy Addison collection.

white room deco 3

This partridge pair is one of my favorite decorative accents to use throughout the holidays. With just the right amount of gilt, these terra cotta birds add the perfect touch to your Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s decor. We had them last year and they sold-out before I could grab a pair for myself . . . that won’t happen this year!

white room deco 5

As my life seems to be controlled by these things, why not choose clocks which me happy to be a clock watcher? This large metal clock has a slight curve and a great weathered appeal.

white room deco 6

Under this conservatory-style cloche you’ll find a stack of vintage books, along with some pocket watches and an old-world-style globe ornament.

white room deco 7

A tight shot of the globe.

white room deco 8

This Father Christmas wood cut-out stands about 3 feet tall and looks great on the hearth, in the foyer and on the porch.

white room deco 9

Our white feather trees have been part of the Hodgepodge decor since we first opened. I love this simple display of Wendy Addison’s collection of icon disc ornaments and glitter birds.

white room tree

The icons are printed on a heavy cardstock and hung from a gorgeous bronze ribbon. They come in a set of twelve.

wa deco 1

The glitter birds come in a set of three. As with all of Wendy’s glitter designs, they are made using real glass and silver glitter, so their vintage appeal is undeniable, especially as they patina with age.

wa deco 2 wa deco 3

More of Wendy’s creations round out the White Window this year.

wa deco 5

Thanks for taking a look. If you’re in the area I invite you in to see these items for yourself. They would work in almost any home.

Speaking of which, I’m wondering . . . how do you decorate for the holidays? Do you choose a specific color theme? Do you have multiple trees? What are your traditions? Or, are you doing something totally new this year?

Tell you what, leave your comments here for a chance to win one of these gorgeous Wendy Addison Eiffel Tower ornaments, along with the Harlequin Parades banner seen in the first photo. Just tell me a little about your holiday decorating for a chance to win! For more opportunities—become a follower here and on facebook and/or link to this contest on your own blog! Just remember to tell me all of the ways you’re participating!

(Additional Info added later--i'll close this little contest on Weds, Nov 24th--Happy Thanksgiving!)

Thanks for your indulgence!



Tanya said...

I'm loving your Christmas themes. I choose a theme every year and it usually is heavily influenced by my emotions....sounds crazy I know but you know how some days you get up and you try on clothes and you think I just don't feel green today etc.
So the themeing has become a bit of a family tradition. I don't know why everyone wanted to follow me into my loopy world but they all do. So obligingly they wrap presents in theme and dress in theme on Christmas day.
A couple of years ago it was frangipanis, mother of pearl and shells. Another year it was duck egg blue and chocolate and metalic. Last year it was zingy fresh yellow. This year it is white with candy apple red using lots of fabric, feathers and ribbon and no metals or plastic.
The door wreath is made every year in theme. Mum does the Christmas cake and decorates in theme. I make our own bon bons (crackers) with toys inside that are also themed.
I have found a very obliging automotive paint specialist who happily mixes the precise colour I need and puts it in a spray pack so I can re-cycle some of the balls for the tree etc.
I love the Christmas and it is the one time in the year that is my folly. And though the family rolls their eyes every year, they all come along with me.

Paige Thomas King said...

oh my goodness Tanya! i am shamed by your creative ideas (or emotions)! you have got it down to a science--i'm looking forward to pictures!

Junkin' Belle's said...

Paige, my theme for the last couple of years is to get back to a traditional Christmas.Jewel tones and sparkly silver pieces adorn the tree.My topper is a red blown vintage inspired piece from Hodgepodge.I decorate with glassware,sterling silver and ornaments.I don't feel the need to go over the top so I use mirrors and twinkle lights around the to make a cozy cottage Christmas inside.I am also adding candy in vintage coffee jars this year to decorate the kitchen.I love Christmas at Hodgepodge because I feel like you always have just the right additions for my collection of Christmas deocrations.One day my daughter will cherish the beautiful pieces hand picked from your shop that help make our Christmas' magical as well as memorable.

Paige Thomas King said...

rec'd this post via email, so i'm posting it for her:
Paige, I love your emails---trying to participate occasionally. Our 9-ft. tree in the sunroom is a “hodgepodge” of all types of traditional ornaments that I like, many from HP. I just can’t pick a theme---there are too many types that I like from homespun to glitter. I began collecting locally handmade wooden, painted ornaments for my children 38 years ago, getting a new one for each child with name and year—theirs given to them when they married. It’s the one family “collecting” that I continued through the years, and I have many still on our tree also. There’s a small tree on an antique chest in the DR with small handblown ornaments and antique “icicles”(some of the glass balls are the ones that my mother put on the tree when I was a little girl), and there’s another tree in the kitchen with cookie cutter ornaments and gingham ribbon. In the LR I have a 4-ft. one with distressed sleigh bells and handcut craft paper ornaments that I have collected from a KY show. There is, lastly, in the hall a 4-foot Santa tree that is child-friendly for the grandchildren! Mine are never as beautiful as yours but I can’t wait to get those same ones out every year and also add new ones to keep them company. I just love Christmas trees!! Linda Gregory

Karen said...

Our family tree is full of ornaments we've gotten on travels, trips and from family, we add more every year. We also hang a small family picture each year on the tree, to see how the family has grown. We have a small tree I bought our first year married and it usually goes up in the bonus room, but this year it will be in our bedroom. It is full of the ornaments we both had as children, turns out being born the same year, we have a few that are the same!
I also have a number of nativity sets that go up around the house, several child friendly ones too. Our camels come down our 12 steps during the season of Christmas to Epiphany!
I guess I'm traditional all the way, green trees, red ribbons, and family.

Paige Thomas King said...

Thanks for your comments. I feel a a little chllenge coming on . . .FIVE trees? REALLY? I better get busy! My favorite tree is the one you helped me create with all of those dried hydrangea blossoms. Last year I added birds and loved it!
Hope to see you soon.

Paige Thomas King said...

Karen--I love the camels on the steps tradition! What a great way to keep the focus on the birth of Christ. Thanks for sharing! Paige

Ruthanna said...

I started taking over the Christmas decorating when I was 16 years old, and twenty years later, my family still encourages me to indulge my passions! The old bakelite star that graced the tree when my mom was a child still lights up(don't ask me how the bulb has lasted this long, but it has!)and now it tops the vintage artifical tree that adorns our dining room. The ornaments that have been passed down from my grandmother and great-grandmother hang from the live tree in the living room, mixed with anything and everything French and/or Victorian I can find or create for the tree and the rest of the house. Our third tree in the den is covered in berries, bird nests, feathers, and the like reflecting the myrad of birds that visit our yard each year. Every decoration tells a story, some were hand crafted by me, some bought new in stores, some from antique shops, many found abandoned in yard sale piles or thrift shops--just waiting for the right home to love them agian.
If our home has a theme, it has to be called "Family". Every decoration tells a story. Sometimes the stories are oddball, sometimes they're funny, but they're all integral pieces our family life, and each year there's always a new story to tell the next generation.

mrsmartin said...

My Christmas decorating includes anything that sparkels and shines. So winning the Eiffel Tower ornament will fit perfectly.But I also include vintage inspired items like mittens, sleds, stockings.

Paige Thomas King said...

Sparkle and shine . . . I can help with that! Good luck with winning the prize!

Auntie Bliss said...

After reading these I don't know!!! Hehe talented girls, huh?!
Our tree is tall and skinny-ish which I is filled, really filled...with everything from over the years...very colorful and sentimental too :)
I copied a chalkboard from ME Home Companion with different fonts spelling out Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas for the is bordered with greenery.
My tree skirt and stockings I got to cater to the kids...Santa Claus suit inspired :) red fluffy with white fluffy trim.
I will blog your giveaway soon! Love the prizes!!

Kathleen Grace said...

What a gorgeous give-away! Phyllis sent me over and I am so glad. Our holiday decorating is usually full of ornaments and decortions that we have collected or made over the years. I always like to add something new and after 30 years of decorating, I can usually pick and choose colors and themes now!

Paige Thomas King said...

You have such great stories of all of your decorations and their history. How wonderful that you've been able to share your love of decorating since you were sixteen.
Your den tree sounds wonderful, as does your tree filled with all things french and victorian.
Thanks for sharing

Paige Thomas King said...

I'm going to have to keep an eye on your blog for that chalkboard tree!
Thanks for your comments and repost!
Good luck!

Paige Thomas King said...

Kathleen Grace,
Thanks for your comments.
Just out of curiosity--how many storage boxes do you have for your Christmas items?
Thanks for visiting--I'll check-out your blog tonight!

Paige Thomas King said...

Ruthanna! You're the winner. Please contact me with your shipping info. Congratulations!!! I hope you enjoy adding these beautiful Wendy Addison items to you decorating inventory!
Thanks to you all for sharing your ideas and influeneces.
We'll do this again, soon.

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