Monday, November 29, 2010

The trees of Christmas and a dilemma . . .

The following are pictures from our whimsical tree at the rear of the shop.  It has many of the same ornaments as half of the tree in the front window—actually, most of them.

But it’s the first tree in about 25 years that has me thinking “multi-colored lights!  Take a look:

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The following are of a trio of Christmas finials by Penny McAllister.

mostly christmas 2010 025mostly christmas 2010 026mostly christmas 2010 027

A helpful guy brings the tree!

mostly christmas 2010 029

Too bad he can’t be enlisted to shovel the real thing!

mostly christmas 2010 030

A great nightlight with a bubble candle on top!

mostly christmas 2010 033

Wine gift bags and totes in a variety of delightful colors.  They are monogram-able, too!

mostly christmas 2010 032

Okay—so for the BIG question . . . Would this tree have looked better with multi-colors lights?

mostly christmas 2010 020

Do you use multi-colored lights in your Christmas décor or are you in the “clear lights camp.”  I’ve always used clear lights, but I love to see a house lit-up with multi-colored lights.  I bought some vintage multi-colored lights at the flea market this weekend.  I have to say, though, I love the hues of the vintage lights!  Does anyone know if you can find those hues in new bulbs?  If so, who makes them?

Fortunately, my husband agrees with my clear lights rule, but my friend and her husband disagree on the use of colored lights on their family tree.  They’ve reached a compromise—of sorts.  Do you have the same issue in your house?  How have you resolved your dilemma?

I’d love to hear from you . . .

Thanks for your indulgence!



Paige Thomas King said...

Sunisa said...
I saw your article in the LC asking what sort of lights we prefer when decorating for Christmas. Having grown up out West, we always used the "blinking" multi-colored lights. However, being married to a Southern gentleman and having lived years in the South.... I have grown very fond of the traditional clear lights. Not just to avoid horrid stares of disbelief from the in-laws or sudden gasps as they cross the threshold into our home; but, because it offers a blank canvas for art. With clear lights, the color of the each ornaments is emphasized. The reds become bright scarlet hues, and the golds shine like precious jewels. Ribbon or bows can offer a color that "pops"! But with multi-colored lights.... the various colors becomes over-stimulating on my eyes. I cannot differentiate an ornament from the light itself. And since our family ornaments, also, tell our story... I feel that clear lights serve as the blank [clear] pages for us to add more great memories each year. ~Sunisa

citymouse said...

I have a soft spot for the vintage ones, but I am a white light gal. My tree is filled with such an assortment of color, I think the white lights highlight everything better.

Auntie Bliss said...

I switch back and forth! Both are just so pretty. The colored bulbs are all a mix with some blinking and some turning ...some bubbling...but they trip the electricity...I guess it is overloading the circuit. So...tiny whities are what we have to use I guess. Prim and proper :)
Jerry's dad and I are buds. He was one of the first Navy seals "frogmen" :)

mrsmartin said...

I am in the "clear light camp". It reminds me of diamonds and glitter coming from the tree. For our wedding reception I bought 12 boxes of 50 light strands. I saved them for our 1st Christmas. Our tree that year had almost 600 lights. It was the most beautiful tree. And taking a cue from Macy's, I went crazy with ribbon-tweaking and fussing until it was perfect. I apreciate the look of multi-colored lights on the trees in my friends' home, but I personally love the clear.

Kristi said...

I too saw your article in Sunday's paper and just had to share my thoughts about which lights are preferred on a Christmas tree. For as long as I can remember, my mother always used multi-colored lights on our Christmas tree. I love clear lights, but I just seem to gravitate towards the multi-colored lights and have always had them on my own Christmas tree. I have a hodge podge :) of ornaments on my tree, each one with a story to tell. For me, there is just something whimsical about the multi-colored lights that just seems to add to the character of each one. I love the glow of all the colors. Each time I see a multi-colored tree lit in someone's window, I am reminded of just how much I love Christmas. I am and will always be a multi-colored lights on my tree girl.Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you.
~ Kristi Moore ~

Glenn said...

I found the strings that are mostly white with random colors every third or fourth white one. Paige is correct! We found the compromise!

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