Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas tree—the other half

Now for the inside room of the window display . . .

this side of the window is decked-out in a vintage whimsy style.

whimsy deco

these snowmen are playing and tumbling through the tree . . .

whimsy deco 1 whimsy deco 2

I love these pipe cleaner snowflakes with their foil reflector centers . . .

whimsy deco 3

More snowmen . . .

whimsy deco 4 whimsy deco 6 whimsy deco 7

a spray of green glitter adds sparkle to the tree.

whimsy deco 8

a cone to fill with treats and a reflector star . . .

whimsy deco 9 whimsy deco 10

peace . . . joy . . . noel! these ceramic spheres are perfect for almost any holiday display.

whimsy deco 11

mr. deer is part of a trio of characters from the late penny mcallister.

whimsy mantel 1 whimsy mantel 2

you can bring a vintage feel to any home with this bottle brush and ornament wreath—a personal favorite!

whimsy mantel 3

these snowmen can carry you through Christmas and beyond!

whimsy mantel 4 whimsy mantel 5

this reflector garland will add the vintage whimsy to your tree, your mantel, your staircase—it’s up to your imagination!

whimsy mantel 7

mercury glass trees with a space odyssey appeal . . .

whimsy mantel 8

Perhaps you’ve seen something that will add some whimsy to your Christmas decor.

more trees to come, plus recipes from our open house!

thanks for your indulgence!

after thought--i was thinking--while i'm generally a white-lights-on-the-trees only person, i was thinking i would LOVE multi-colored lights on this tree. what do you think?



Claudia Samouce said...

You are amazing!!!

Paige Thomas King said...

claudia--you're pretty amazing yourself! thanks for keeping up with me and this blog!--paige

Auntie Bliss said...

One thing I did yesterday was run into a friend who asked "Have you ever been to HODGEPODGE downtown?!!"
She was totally smitten and I let her down gently that I'd known about it for years. And that I know the designer herself :)
Shop looks awesome!

Paige Thomas King said...

Again--your kindness is incredible! I'm glad we're reaching into Kentucky for you and your friends! Hope you enjoyed your day!
I'm pretending to get something done today--yesterday was a total goof-off day, but lots of fun!

The Shanty Girl said...

Paige, I sent you an email and guess what??? YOU ARE THE WINNER of my Shanty Girl "BUGGY BAG" Giveaway! Congrats!! I am now a follower of your blog too!

Karen said...

OK - I think I need that wreath.

Sunisa said...

I saw your article in the LC asking what sort of lights we prefer when decorating for Christmas. Having grown up out West, we always used the "blinking" multi-colored lights. However, being married to a Southern gentleman and having lived years in the South.... I have grown very fond of the traditional clear lights. Not just to avoid horrid stares of disbelief from the in-laws or sudden gasps as they cross the threshold into our home; but, because it offers a blank canvas for art. With clear lights, the color of the each ornaments is emphasized. The reds become bright scarlet hues, and the golds shine like precious jewels. Ribbon or bows can offer a color that "pops"! But with multi-colored lights.... the various colors becomes over-stimulating on my eyes. I cannot differentiate an ornament from the light itself. And since our family ornaments, also, tell our story... I feel that clear lights serve as the blank [clear] pages for us to add more great memories each year. ~Sunisa

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