Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Trees of Hodgepodge

We’ve decked the halls at Hodgepodge! (I know, I know, but the big box stores are driving this train.) My goal is to remind everyone that we’re here. Go out and look—then when you decide you want something special—something different—perhaps you’ll think of Hodgepodge.

We’ve decorated 6 full-size trees and two feather trees so far. I have a vintage aluminum tree still awaiting its adornments, but I’m running low on vintage ornaments (I’ll rectify the situation soon enough—well, at least before the holiday!).

So, I thought I’d share each of the trees here on the blog. I’m starting with our Indoor/Outdoor Window decorations. This is the window we try to decorate as though there are two rooms . . . an Indoor room and an Outdoor room. The tree is divided in half—between the rooms—by this screen door.

indoor outdoor window

For our Christmas decor, we decorate half of the tree for the outdoor room and the other half for the indoor room.

We’ll start outside . . .

here’s the tree—it apppears remarkably empty! (I thought we had a lot of ornaments on it, but it seems empty in this photo.) I love these flocked branches as a garland! My vendor for our faux florals has superior products. Every inch of this branch is wired and therefore, shapeable.

porch tree

This is the swing decked out in more of our faux florals and some pillows.

porch deco swing

The tweed and embroidered pillows.

porch pillows

A woodland Santa.

porch santa

Another angle of the swing.

porch swing

The tree ornaments:

porch deco 9 porch deco 1 porch deco 2 porch deco 3 porch deco 4 porch deco 5 porch deco 6 porch deco 7 porch deco 8

We have a tree inside the shop we’ve completely decorated in this “woodland” theme. It will be featured soon.

Decorating half of a tree is a challenge!

I’ll share the indoor room soon.

Thanks for your indulgence.



Tanya said...

Ooohhh Yum yum yum YUM yum. I love christmas and I'm enchanted by the unique and special touches you have. I am glued to my reader and can't wait for more luscious reveals.

time-worn interiors said...

Wow! The shop looks amazing! I can't hardly wrap my head around Christmas just yet, but it's everywhere!

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