Monday, October 19, 2009

What I've done so far . . .

It's Monday morning and I'm accountable:

(1) general cleaning--some done . . . more to do (always)
(2) recover dining chairs--done (see pics below)
(3) supervise kids in their efforts to do their share--they've been a huge help! more to do.
(4) new curtains--some done . . . I'd like to hang some in another room--we'll see.
(5) clean closets--I cleaned out our only "real" closet--looks great. I went thru our wardrobe and changed over to the Fall/Winter attire.
(6) donate/consign clothes--set aside the donation pile and the consignment pile.
(7) supervise kids in their efforts to do their share--really . . . a HUGE help!
(8) decorate for Autumn--yes, yes, yes! I love Autumn and the decor! (pics tomorrow)
(9) general yard work--hmm, not so much . . .
(10) a few special projects aimed at surprising the returning hero!--check one off the list, but so much more to be done.

Here are some pics and tips for one of the easiest projects you can tackle.

How to recover the seat cushions of an upholstered chair:

You'll need scissors, a staple gun, staples, a screwdriver, and the fabric you've chosen to use for your project. That's it.

First, you need to remove the seat from the chair--usually four screws.When using upholstery fabric, you can refer to the numbers on the side to determine the direction of the pattern.This is the reverse of my fabric. You can see the bunch of flowers I used as the center focus for each cushion.
I laid the seat cushion on the reverse side of the fabric, centering the design.

Then you wrap the fabric around the edges and prepare to staple the fabric in place.
It's best to fold the edge of the fabric under, so it doesn't pull and fray.

Begin by stapling opposite sides of the fabric--the staple the remaining sides (saving corners for last). Take your time wrapping the corners so you don't bunch the fabric.
Reattach the seat cushion and there you go!

I think the eight chairs took a total of three hours.

There's more to do--I'll share more pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for your indulgence.


1 comment:

Michellem said...

Hey busy lady - Your chairs look awesome! While you are swamped with projects it is always good to have a deadline for inspiration to get it all done, huh?

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