Wednesday, October 14, 2009

running in place . . .

trying to take my mind off of things.

i've got so much to do before Darren returns (only 9 days!)--i'm overwhelmed. the kids and i want everything to be perfect. it won't be.

i've gotten a few projects taken care of--cleaned-up some of the gardens, added the fall mums, started to recover the dining room chairs, hung some art--that sort of stuff. the things that won't matter to Darren at all.

then there's this little event we've organized (Spectacular, Spectacular) in the hopes of having hundreds of folks clamoring for space in the classes we offering. no so.

wah--poor me. more to the point--poor instructors. i feel horrible that so many did so much to bring this event to fruition, but i couldn't get the participants to sign-up.

hope you all are making things happen! feel free to help me prioritize! feel free to help me!

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