Monday, October 5, 2009

other stuff at hodgepodge

Lest you think all we're doing here at Hodgepodge is preparing for SPECTACULAR, SPECTACULAR--I just thought I'd reassure you that business as usual is going on, as well.

Hodgepodge (and ARTifacts) are here for your shopping pleasure!

Halloween decor is moving quickly! We still have some fun stuff in stock, but it's dwindling quickly. Our Haunted Memories pictures are a hit again this year. If you haven't been in the shop to see them, you need to drop by. There are a few in the window. At first glance, they look like old, black & white family portraits, but a slight step to the left or right reveals their "inner beauty." Really, can't do them justice in words--they are a must see item! Mix them in with your family picture wall and wait for the reactions! We have other stuff you might want to see, too. Just take a few minutes to drop-in.

Don't know if I've mentioned or you've already noticed there is a Hodgepodge fan page on Facebook. There's a link on this blog--somewhere on the left. I often update that page with info about inventory, special discount offers, pictures and more. If you haven't already joined as a fan--I encourage you to do so.

I'm also tweeting now, too. Special offers are most likely going to arrive in a tweet, so you may wish to sign-up for those, too. Don't worry--it doesn't happen very frequently. I don't use my mobile device for any of that stuff, so you won't hear when I'm picking-up my dry cleaning or if I dropping the kids at little league. It'll be Hodgepodge related stuff. There's a link to that on the left, too.

As for other stuff here at Hodgepodge--please keep the 6th of November open. That's my Holiday Open House event for my customers. It'll flow over into Saturday, the 7th of November, but Friday night will include food and special discounts!

The weekend prior, Saturday, Oct 31st, will be Fright on Franklin, a trick-or-treating event sponsored by the City of Clarksville. More information to come on that later.

In the meantime, thanks for your indulgence.

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kelly(simplyworn.etsy) said...

Great stuff Hodgepodge, definetly bringing in the halloween spirit...kelly(simplyworn.etsy)

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