Friday, July 11, 2008

twas the night before market . . .

and all through the day, I was running around wondering if I'd ever get away.
All the gods were against me, ma bell and the car, then I finally waved farewell, but didn't get far. One turn around, no two, and I was finally on my way, hoping to arrive in Atlanta before Friday!

I left Patty without reliabe phone service (therefore, no credit card processing) or internet; which means Kendall will have to deal with it first thing tomorrow. (As if I don't already owe her!)

Well, I'm here and I'm primed. Checked the schedule--which is relatively open, so I have a relaxed start tomorrow. As I've mentioned before, the best part of coming to the market is the fact that I get to spend the time with my cousin, Stacy, and her family. I love arriving here in Decatur and pulling up to their house. My kids are jealous, because they feel the same, yet our schedules can't seem to marry-up for them to visit, too. We'll do it soon, I promise. In the meantime, I've selfishly abandoned the family and have the Wisniewski Family all to myself. They're all here and rallied for a welcome beer, but then it's off to bed. At least I can have a leisurely start tomorrow morning.

The market, I'll have to share with thousands. Tomorrow, I have a few appointments, but I'll spend much of the time scoping-out new merchandise. I'll leave early so I can return to attend the jumble sale at Stacy's church--gotten a few good finds at that one before. Unfortunately, I brought the chic car (aka: the VW), which won't fit any large pieces. Darn those gas prices, which kept Flo corralled in Clarksville--that and her extraordinarily high mileage (about 268,000!)

So, I guess I better get my beauty rest so I can survive the gauntlet tomorrow. Saturday, however, will be the true test.

Thanks for your indulgence!
PS Recently determined I forgot the newly prescribed high blood pressure meds in TN--great!

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