Saturday, July 12, 2008

day two

check please! i'm through, but i'm not.

i have two appointments tomorrow and many, many follow-ups. i'm a little more motivated at the end of day two than i was at the end of day one, though. i bought some things from several new lines--two of which i've been eyeing for a while now. one includes some absolutely amazing potpourris. (trust me, these are not your mama's potpourris!) another is a source for home accessories which will really help you put the final touches on any room in your house. it also provides a nice selection of items perfect for gifts. another vendor is going to help you pull your garden decor together with affordable, durable and light weight statuary. i've ordered something which will work nicely in the house or in the garden--i'm looking forward to some new merchandising ideas. dana herbert has some great new fabrics for her purses; plus, she added an adjustable strap to her map bag-style purse.

so, tomorrow i look at some of the old standards for holiday and spring stuff! i'll go order the caldrea holiday scents. i have to make some decisions about new tabletop stuff--linens and dishware. all i know is i have to be on the 20th floor of building one by 9 a.m. so i better get some sleep.
thanks for your indulgence.

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