Sunday, July 13, 2008

how paige got her groove back

Not the groove that Stella got, but one that is equally as satisfying for a lot of women. I got my shopping groove on today! I am once again invigorated and feel like Hodgepodge will be moving in a very exciting direction.

I've been killing myself trying to gather items for you and your homes and, today, I found many of them all in one place. I'm very excited. I've actually looked at this relatively new line at two previous markets, but found the minimum purchases at little high. However, the line is area protected--which means they won't sell to another store in your area--and I've found that might be a nice thing to have. I've ordered several new styles of tableware--vintage style but with the convenience of dishwasher and microwave safety. Too many table and home accessories to try to mention. All from the decorating and entertaining master, Mary Carol Garrity. I don't think I saw anything in her line that I wouldn't be happy to have in my store.

Another long considered line I finally decided jump into is Bethany Lowe Designs--a no brainer, really, but I still had to wait for the right time. I'll have to adjust some other orders, but it'll be worth it. Bethany Lowe does reproduction ornaments like no one else--they're amazing! I'm starting with a small selection, but they're wonderful.

I then ran out of her showroom in the direction of a showroom where I confirmed that I will be purchasing the coolest Halloween decorations I've seen in a LONG time. I can't tell you what they are, but I can tell you they'll be watching you. I'm still thinking about some beaded webs--no I'm not--I'm getting them. Just wait until you see!

I picked-up a few pieces of the broken china jewelry I love! Please come buy it before I take it home for myself!

I ordered the holiday fragrances for Caldrea--they'll be here in mid-September. You can look forward to Alpine Juniper Fig, Norwegian Angelica and Swedish Cloudberry Mint. Not exactly a big giveaway with the names, eh? Suffice to say they're all amazing and I can't decide which is my favorite, but I'm sure that won't last.
The biggest coupe, however, came after the market. I spent the better part of today looking for these darn (pun not intended, but I'll take it) fingerless gloves knit (get it? darn?) from bamboo. I have a pair that I wore a lot last winter--especially while at the register by our front door. I had so many customers comment on them, I had to find them. I was even asking a vendor rep in the MARTA station if his company sold them--he claimed they had whatever I was missing. Nice guy, but no gloves. Well, diligence, good, clean livin' and google finally paid off tonight. I found a wholesale rep for the company and even talked with the owner of the representative company--when I so rudely called at 9:30 PM on a Sunday! (Just a little excited!) I have been googling the manufacturer's name for months. Anyway--I hope you want them, cause I'm buying them!
Well, I need to close so I can get on the road early tomorrow. I understand I have a reluctant lock and petulant point of sale system waiting for me when I return! But first, I'll tend to the husband and kids.
Thanks for your indulgence.
PS Get ready for a little Christmas in July.

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