Friday, September 21, 2007


Well, lack of sleep aside, I'd consider our Annual Autumn Gathering a success. I really expected incredible changes and my visions were a little more spectacular than reality, but not by much. One revelation of the day (I mean today--Sunday--the day after the event) was the fact that I didn't serve "Harvest Moon Dip" with the gingersnaps--as I thought. In the frenzy of packing the ice chest at 6 a.m. and the subsequent sleep walking through the day, I served up the left over Mocha Cream icing and misrepresented it as "Harvest Moon Dip!" No wonder I didn't hear the mmmm's and yummm's I expected. I couldn't quite taste the pumpkin--and for good reason! Well, I've got plenty of it here. Maybe I'll offer it this week. You can find the tasty recipe in the original Linen Napkins to Paper Plates, Junior Auxiliary of Clarksville cookbook. As for my Pumpkin Cookies recipe--I'll post it soon.

I must publicly thank my diligent, talented and tireless decorating entourage: Jennifer, Kendall and Taylor. Without them--Saturday would not have happened. I'm so fortunate to have them.

A bit about the pictures included here (I haven't figured-out a caption option for photographs in Blogger.) The top left pic shows the front dining table set for an Autumn Garden Party. Classic tabletop stoneware from TAG and reproduction transferware. The picture on the right, above, shows a stack of Halloween cake plates, topped with a "BOO" pumpkin and crow from Midwest, Seasons of Cannon Falls. This table setting has many wonderful ideas for your All Hallow's Eve celebrations. In the center, above, you'll see my favorite new item in the shop--a french-style vase with candles. This piece is so versatile, I can't begin to list all of it's potential uses! You can buy it as it appears above, flowers, candles and all (a Hodgepodge exclusive--created by Jennifer) or buy it empty and get creative! To left, you'll find the consummate harbinger of Autumn--cornstalks and mums! The cornstalks are courtesy of Anne Head (a friend at my favorite clothing shop in TN, Rogate's Boutique, 115 Franklin Street). The mums were a great deal at Betsy's Barn & Garden Center.

I hope those of you who were able to make it downtown enjoyed what we had to offer. I plan to continue to add to our inventory, as well as our inspirations. Provided I don't dry-up. Thank goodness for the creativity of others! I truly believe there are very few "new" ideas--just "new" ways to reinvent the old ones.

I've found a great deal of inspiration and information in Romantic Home magazine. This magazine has done a great job of filling the void. They have regular "department" articles entitled: Browsing; Shop Keeping (I dream of being featured); Entertaining; Field Trip; Aesthetics; Collectibles; and so much more. I enjoy the way the editors of this magazine make a point of supporting and encouraging women entrepreneurs. Needless to say, that appeals to me. I find their decorating, remodeling, do-it-yourself and garden features especially inspirational. I'm so glad to have them as a resource when I'm feeling dry.

I actually sell Romantic Home at the shop now. I offer it 20% off of the cover price all of the time. This month (September) however, I've been giving it away with a purchase of $25 or more. It won't happen next month!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your indulgence!

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