Sunday, November 6, 2011

One for the boys . . .

my article for the leaf chronicle on oct 16th

This is going to be a tough one to write. I had a request from a friend for a “man article.” I quickly rebutted that I thought he would look great in pink (if you read last week’s column—you’ll get that joke), but I don’t think he was satisfied.

So, all week, I’ve been thinking about a home décor column for men, but mainly for men who don’t care about decorating. Which I always find rather confounding—if most of you “don’t care,” why do most of the women in my shop say, “Oh, my husband won’t like that.”

Therefore, instead of decorating advice for men in general, I think I’ll give some advice to the “don’t care” men, because they’re usually married to women—like me—who do care.

1. How our houses look does matter; it matters to us. We matter to you, ergo . . .

husband wife house

photo source

2. If it really, truly doesn’t matter to you and you express that opinion more than once, you resign all rights of refusal when we bedeck our beds in floral prints and eyelet accessories. It’s one room in the house; we know you want peace, if nowhere else, in this room. Allow us this one.


photo from Taylor Linens

3. It’s just paint. We can paint over it (and you know we will) in the future (probably next month). If we want to experiment with some color—remember it can be changed.

4. Recliners are not the only comfortable chairs in the world. Let me introduce you to the concept of a nice big chair and an ottoman.


photo source

5. It is okay to have a piece of painted furniture. Yes—real wood is nice, but not everything in the house has to be the natural, exposed grain of real wood.

6. While we may balk at your choice of golfing attire—it is alright to mix patterns in a large room—even a small room, when done with skill. Don’t freak-out when we show you a plaid and a floral pattern on the same sofa; it works, that’s what the designers get paid for doing.

mixed pattern sofa

photo source

7. All art work does not have to portray a battle scene of significance in your life or any other. Save it for the man cave. That goes for the dogs playing poker, too—it’s funny, but not in the living room.

dogs playing poker

photo source

8. We will watch football with you—some of us even enjoy it—but your favorite team’s colors do not have to be the theme for our family room.

9. No. Blankets are not suitable dressing for our windows. We can easily alter sheets and make them into wonderful curtains which can be opened and closed—unlike your big fuzzy blanket with the face of the lion—the one you had in college . . . yeah . . . you.

10. If you could feign a little interest, you’d probably come to realize we’re doing it for your comfort, as well as our own—maybe even more so for you. We do want you to love to come home and we want you to be proud when friends and family come to visit.

Thanks to my exercise buddy at the Y for requesting this special article. I’m pretty sure this is not what he had in mind, but it sure was easier to write that I thought it would be in paragraph two!

As always, I’m running behind!  We’ve been transforming the shop for Christmas, so my blog has been neglected.  I’ll catch-up over the next few days and try a new approach.

Thanks for your indulgence!



Tanya said...

Successfully done Paige. Can't argue with that. Can't wait for Christmas to show up in your shop.

Kendall said...

Christmas has arrived Tanya! And it is SPECTACULAR!!!

shades deville said...

This is great. And so true ... men who claim they don't care about decorating can be pretty vocal about what they don't like when it arrives home. Thanks for a good read.

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