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fall front door decor

(my article for The Leaf Chronicle—written for Oct 30th—actually, written for the 23rd, but not run until the 30th.)

Well, apparently resubmitting your column for a second run, a mere four weeks after its original publication is frowned upon at this newspaper. Go figure!

Yes, my editor contacted me—unfortunately, after I had walked away from the computer for the evening—to let me know that the article I submitted was run back on Sep 11th. It was a crazy time in my life and frankly I’ve pretty much lost an approximate two week period around the middle of September. I thought I had started but never submitted it, so I just updated it, sent it to Stacy and left for the day! Oops!

I’m not sure if this is going to get done in time to run on Oct 23rd, or if it will run the 30th, so I need to come-up with something quick and timeless. Considering the season, I think I’ll share a few fall decorating tips.

When we think about changing our décor for the seasons, our thoughts often go to our front entrance first. Many of us like to hang a wreath representative of the season, which is a great start. Seasonal wreaths can be purchased at a variety of locations, as can the supplies to make your own. Whether purchased or homemade, wreaths are often the harbinger of the new season for most home decorators.

porch wreath

Additional options for the entrance include pumpkins, mums and cornstalks. While I love a large, traditional pumpkin for carving jack-o-lanterns, I prefer the heirloom pumpkins, such a Cinderella and Lumina (white) varieties. The Cinderella variety is especially perfect for stacking. I like the stacked- look atop a large urn or planter, but is works just as well on the ground; for a little more flare, you can add a twist of vine around the stack.

stack pumpkins

If you have a porch with columns, tying a bunch of cornstalks to the columns is an easy adornment. After you get it secured to the column or other support, you can embellish it with ribbons and other decorations. This year, I first wrapped a large piece of burlap around the stalks, then several piece of tulle knotted at the front with the final touch of a ring of rusty skeleton keys, tied on with jute. If you’re stalks are short on corn cobs, you can tie a bunch of Indian corn at the front, too.

porch column

A collection of mums in a variety of pots, mixed with the pumpkin and lanterns or large mason jars are the perfect vignette for the entrance of any home. If you’ve got steps, scatter the assembly along one side. No stairs to you porch? Introduce a variety of heights by perching the pumpkins and lanterns on stands, inverted flower pots or hay bales. I would recommend leaving a few of your pumpkins un-carved—or “restock” your display after the jack-o-lanterns start to collapse—to carry your décor through Thanksgiving.

pumpkin porch

Well, I was going to share more, but didn’t even get past the front door! Next week, I’ll move the fall décor inside.

Thanks, as  always, for your indulgence!


Not the front door, but I love this . . .

pumpkin chair

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