Monday, September 5, 2011

What’s in a Monogram?

Brain cramp! I’m rarely at a loss for words, but when it comes to thinking of something new or, at the very least, old, but interesting to say, I’m starting to suffer from that thing called “writer’s block.” So, I shifted gears and remembered how many of my wonderful readers have told me that they feel like their having a conversation with me while reading my articles. (The BEST compliment I can receive, thank you!)

So, I called my Mom and started talking . . . we chatted about a myriad of things, mainly ideas for transitioning into fall. I know this seems to be the subject that won’t go away, but summer is the season that won’t go away! Thus, I’ve landed upon another idea that will work in any season, in any room of your house and you can use what you’ve already got at home.

I’m talking about monograms.

There was a time, during high school, when I wouldn’t be caught dead with anything monogrammed, but now—I want to monogram everything. There is something about adding your monogram to almost anything that takes it to a new level.

I’ve sold monogrammed items in the shop ever since I opened, but I didn’t have many monograms in my house. Then one day—okay, over series of days, weeks, even months—monograms started to insinuate themselves into my personal décor. It started with one little throw pillow on the bed and now, they’re everywhere. I am, for the moment, referring to embroidered monograms. Here’s how you can use them:

. . . in the bedroom. As I stated, I monogrammed a pillow—a simple hemstitched linen pillow—but you can monogram your euro shamsH monogram with a large centered monogram. This can be a large single letter or the traditional three letter monogram; you might add a wreath or other embellishment. You can also add your monogram to the hem of the standard pillowcase or the flat sheet. Make sure you have them stitched on the side which faces up when the bed is made. (Seems silly, but they could come back wrong!)

. . . in the bathroom, of course, you can monogram towels. If you do this, consider how you hang your towels—folded in half, folded in thirds or on a hook. I would limit it to bath and hand towels. Basic monograms are nice for your bath, but you can also embellish with something expressive, such as an icon (crown, fleur de lis or ladybug). Don’t forget the hand towels for the guest bath.

. . . in the living room, you can add a monogram to your sofa pillows or your throws. A beautiful monogram centered on a luxurious throw you drape on the back of your sofa will make a huge impact.

K monogram

And finally, in the dining room you can add your monogram to an infinite number of surfaces, such as the tablecloth, napkins and chairs.  (Of course, this one isn’t a monogram, but it is along the same lines . . .)bon appetit

I have more ideas, but I’ve run out of room! Check out my blog for more ideas and, of course, pictures! Thanks again for reading—I really appreciate it!

Do you use monograms in your home?  Any new ideas?

Thanks for your indulgence!


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