Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Autumn

There are so many reasons to love the fall season—cooler temperatures, pumpkin cookies, vibrant colors, soup, Halloween and bonfires—just to name a few. 
At Hodgepodge, we have been so busy unpacking Christmas ornaments (ARGH!) that we’ve barely had the opportunity to bring out the fall décor.  Yesterday, I asked Ryan to take a few pictures of what little we’ve accomplished, so I could provide a teaser, for you—and me, as I’ve been away from the shop for a few days.
Well, imagine my surprise when he uploaded this picture:
fall arrangement
I didn’t do that! 
It seems Ryan was very busy this weekend!  What a comfort and a blessing to know I’ve got such wonderful, capable and talented help in my friends:  Patty, Ryan and (in abstentia) Jennifer when I have to be away!  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my wonderful, capable and talented daughter, Hunter, as well.  In addition to carrying her full load of college courses this week, she is running the shop during her hours away from the classroom.  How lucky am I?!?
He also tweaked a few details prior to taking these photos.
fall plush pumpkins
Plush Pumpkins—our quickly dwindling  supply!  Come in soon for the “cream of the crop.”
harvest time table
A few pumpkins, persimmons, plus our new artichoke candles complete the fall harvest.
screened door table
Add a pumpkin and sunflowers—you have a fall table setting.
Now, to put you in the mood for All Hallows’ Eve, just a few pictures:
family portraits
Our wall of family photos will capture your attention . . .

mercury skull under glass
A Mercury Glass Skull . . . under glass.

sparkle skull witch
This sparkle skull is the perfect perch for
one of our witch hats.

spooky mantel
Mantel decked in an array of spooky paraphernalia—complete with hand beaded silver cobweb—
no house should be without one!

spooky stuff
A former mantel topper reflects our huge variety of Halloween decorations.
For the best selection of any of our seasonal items, I encourage you to drop in the shop, if at all possible, but if not—give us a call and we’ll help you over the phone!
As always, thanks for your indulgence!


Auntie Bliss said...


Auntie Bliss said...

Okay. If this comment posts...it is b/c I downloaded Google Chrome.
I just failed to post a comment here using Internet Explorer.
Shop looks awesome!!!

Louisville Chiropractic said...

Your shop is very beautiful and well decorated.

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