Saturday, September 24, 2011


I promised a few more pictures of our Halloween merchandise, so I thought I better get this online before it sells out!
Here are some of our best selling shimmer lights . . .we have witches and pumpkins, too.  Beside them, you see our set of two hand/guest towels.
candle and towels
Mix-up your favorite poison with these skull and cross bones drink stirs.
cocktail stirs

Here are some vials inspired by the Gibson Girls of the past.creepy gibson girls
A skull under glass, a coozie for your favorite bottled beverage and a set of three candlesticks (battery operated) dripping blood red wax!
dinner for the dead
Here we are—the perfect hat stand—a glitter skull ( I would estimate it is “full size”) with a stylish witches hat—complete with veil!  You’ll be the best dressed witch on the street. glitter skull in veiled hat
Alright—these are my favorite decorations this year—SPIDER MAGNETS!!!  Not being a fan of spiders, I was surprised to find how much I like these.  They have strong magnets, so it looks like the real thing, as their bellies don’t touch—just their legs.  (I just shivered!)  Pair them with a silver-beaded web (almost too glammy to be spooky) and it will be very convincing.
glitter web & spiders
Fool your friends with these “family photos.”  Our holographic images are real vintage photos which change into spooky apparitions at different angles.
mantel w family pics
A glamorous feathered mask is practically required when drinking potions from a mercury glass  apothecary jar.mask & potionmercury glass skull

A mercury glass skull is my idea of the way to decorate for this holiday.morticia's black roses

Black roses worthy of Mortician Addams.

One of our Plush Pumpkins  in espresso.  It is “wearing” our wicked cool spider web pendant.
plush pumpkin w spider
Skull & cross bones bracelets—can double as napkin rings for your spooky gatherings.
skull & cross bones bracelet
A rather convincing skull.  I feel a Shakespeare soliloquy coming on . . .
A well dressed ghoul will have plenty of bling!
spider rings
Sugar mold votive holders in the perfect fall finish.
sugar mold in fall color
Tip the top hat to your date—the veil and enhancer guarantee your presence on the “best dressed” list.
top hat w veil

There are a few items I haven’t captured in photos—glowing aliens in futuristic goo, a haunted nightlight, chalkboard pumpkins and oversized flies, to name a few.
I hope you feel inspired to introduce a little spectral elegance into your Halloween d├ęcor this year.
How do you decorate for this holiday?  For the kids?  For adults?  Any special tips you can offer are welcome.
Thanks for your indulgence,


Tanya said...

Paige would it be too tacky to ask how much the changing family portraits are? Halloween is not big in Australia so we don't ever get to see cool stuff like this.

Paige Thomas King said...

of course i'll tell you what they cost--not at all tacky, as my goal (as a shopkeeper) is to sell this stuff!
Unframed, the 8x10s are 20- and 5x7 10-dollars. i can post individual pictures if you'd like to see what i have available.
thanks for asking!

Autumn Saylor said...

Have you sold all your Halloween themed items yet or do you still have some available? Last year I bought one of those awesome glass jars with the brushed silver skull topper and I would LOVE to add more to my display! Plus I absolutely adore the Gibson Girl inspired vials!! :)

Paige Thomas King said...

I do have quite a bit left--40% off through tomorrow. Then is goes away for my annual sale.
I con't have the large jars like last year, but I have a few Gibson Girls left.
if you're local, stop in, if you're not call, 931.647.0444
Thanks for your interest!

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