Saturday, August 6, 2011

Creative Outbursts

Do you have those? 

I’ve noticed that, while I’d rather have consistent creativity, my opportunities for aesthetic expression come in fits and spurts.  Fortunately, there are times when I justify the laying aside of the “should be doing” list in favor of the “would rather be doing” list!

Last week was like that at the shop.  I worked on displays; pulled stuff from the backroom and found places for it on the sales floor.  (It sure does make it easier to sell when the customers can see it!)  Painted furniture and worked on various other projects. 

In between these endeavors, I had the occasional customer (nice!) and we chatted as I rang-up their purchases.  While waiting for them to conclude the decision to purchase, I would type a few words here for my blog.

Next week may be nothing but book work, filing and order filling, but this past week was fun.

One of the best things—on several levels—was the sale of one of my farm tables.  While I loved the table, I was glad to have it leaving to fill a void in a local home.  The problem was it would leave a large “hole” on the sales floor—with a lot of displaced merchandise.  Since the customer wanted to pick-it-up the following day, we had to think quickly.  After a quick run to ReStore to see if they had something I could work with, I remembered a round oak table on the third floor.  I’m not a fan of the orange tones of oak, so I have been waiting for a chance to  paint it and the matching chairs.  Then my mind went to the new paint we’re carrying at Hodgepodge.


paint pic

This is what happened next—I called my dear, strong and handsome husband (who, thankfully, was home for the week and occasionally reads these) to ask if he had the time to come move it to the “front porch” of the shop.  He did and he did . . .

At 5 p.m.table pics 004

At 5:30 p.m.

table pics 006table pics 005

At 6:15 p.m.

table pics 007table pics 008

And here it is the next day—on the sales floor—holding a great new display of Hodgepodge merchandise!  I’ve been painting furniture for a long time—never have I found a product like this!

more table 002

(Incidentally, I used the ReClaim in Latte.)

But I digress . . .

How do you do it?  How do you block-out time for yourself?  Is your family respectful of your need for your own time?  Do you, like me, put the limits on yourself?  (I don’t allow myself time to do things I enjoy.)  Don’t get me wrong—my family would understand—these are self-imposed restrictions.

Do you do that?  If not—how do you  avoid it?

Thanks for your indulgence,


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