Monday, August 15, 2011

transitioning into fall

What follows is my article for  The Leaf Chronicle, August 7th—I was able to find some pictures to show you.

I guess if this past week didn’t put you in a fall frame of mind—you’re a more substantial person than I. I don’t recall ever being so hot! The reality, however, is that we still have many more weeks of warm weather ahead. Personally, I’d like for it to cool-down enough to allow me to walk the dog without having to shower upon our return. Or how about if it cools down enough to have the pool water once again feel refreshing? (I’m pretty sure we could have cooked our ramen noodles in there last week!) I’d also like to enjoy another month of summer flowers, but the heat and lack of rain has ravaged the garden.

Have you noticed that the weeds don’t seem hindered by the high heat or lack of rain? Those things are thriving, right next to my wilting basil and crisp lavender. Those dang morning glory vines are insidious and seem to enjoy the challenge of the heat!

I’ve heard many folks talking about changing their home décor to their favorite fall themes, but I’m not quite ready for such a change. This statement borders on heresy, as I generally sing the praises of autumn above all the other seasons. But mind you, it’s not that I wouldn’t prefer cooler temperatures, it is just that I can’t hang my fall wreath until the weather matches it!

Are you the same way? Or are you already looking for your pumpkins and scarecrows? There are a few ways I’ve discovered to make some changes to my seasonal home décor without a without going full-blown with corn stalks and pumpkins.

Last year I made some decorative pomander-like balls to perch atop garden urns and pillar holders using coffee filters and Styrofoam balls. I was going to refer you to my blog to find instructions, but I’ve just spent 30 minutes looking for my blog post about that activity and guess what? I don’t think I did one!

So, briefly, I brewed several different “colored” teas—using extra teabags to get a more saturated color. I used black tea, a standard tea (one you would use for iced tea) and a fruit tea (which is red in color). I set up three bowls, which I filled with about two cups of each of the teas. Then I grabbed my bag-o-filters; I used the type of coffee filter that is used in the basket-style brewers. I then stacked three filters together—folded them in half to form a half-circle. The next step is to fan fold the half-circle and secure the tip with a staple. Holding the tip, I then proceeded to dunk the wide end into the tea—make sure you make a variety of filter flats

Allow to dry—in this heat, they will be dry in a few minutes! When completely dry, you will fluff the filters open to form flowers.

coffee filter open

I attached the flowers, using floral pins, to a 3” Styrofoam ball.


The colors are still reminiscent of summer, but the paper construction materials help make the transition from lush summer to the dry season we always seem to endure before the changes of autumn.

finished pomander

I will continue searching for the pictures I feel sure I took while making these pomanders. When I find them, I will share the photos, along with this article, on my blog.

Well, as you can see—I added pictures.  Here are a few more to show you how I’ve used them in our home.  Perhaps you’ll try them, too.

on the mantel

Thanks for your indulgence.



Auntie Bliss said...

Ohhh pretty!
Nice and easy too.
That is funny about cooking Ramen in the pool...and no could probably have poached eggs too.

Robin said...

Oh I love these. A great alternative to the "pom pom".

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