Thursday, January 7, 2010


These days . . . these first days of January. They are different for me now. When I was younger, it was the post holiday let down every child experienced. All that I had looked forward to for the past year was over. Then it just became the time after the celebration--not so much a let down, but a time for recovery. Now that I'm a retailer, the first days of January hold another meaning for me.
These days January means slow down, re-evaluation, inventory, budget analysis, introspection AND recovery. It's very disheartening, yet illuminating. January.
I think of my year as a 12-month, write-on-wipe-off calendar, where December 31st is in the bottom right hand corner and January 1st is in the upper left corner. It's not just the next day . . . it's all the way back around the bottom of the calendar and up the left side. It seems to me it should take at least a week to get there. That would be enough time to recover. (Probably not.)

January is market month, too. The big gifts & home furnishings market is in Atlanta this weekend. I'm not there. I've decided I don't need to go. I'll wait until March. This one is huge with temporary vendors. But guess what? If I can't see it, I can't miss it! I've got great sales reps who come to see me regularly and keep me up-to-date on the new offerings. I do miss the continuing ed classes. I've realized, however, they (the vendors) want you to shop in January. They want you there when you're feeling your most confident--right after the thrill of the holidays and the "I am the best buyer in the history of the world" euphoria you feel having watched your inventory walk out your door in the form of Christmas gifts or decor. They want you there in January exercising a little "retail therapy" of your own. Not me, not this year. I'll wait for March. It worked last year.

What does January mean for you? Do you get a lot done? Do you tackle new projects or do you just recover from the activity of holidays?

Thanks for your indulgence~


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Anonymous said...

I kinda look forward to the new year. I'm relieved that the holidays are over and I can look forward to normal days. Don't get me wrong I do love the holidays, especially with my boys, but by the time the year is over I am exhausted and ready for a more normal pace of life.
I see January as a fresh start and I'm ready to face the world :)

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